Ed Husar more details and few ...

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More details and few photos from my long run yesterday. http://tinyurl.com/7cq4wtk

  • Fred B.
    Fred B.

    That was a great write up and I have had those kind of runs as well. A couple of things come to mind: I did not fuel very well the night before or 2 days before. I was getting sick and didn't know it. It was really hot and I didn't drink enough. My blood sugar and electrolytes were off.

    Sounds like you were going to have a tough run with the way you felt at 3 miles no matter what. I suspect it may have been a pre fueling issue. Hang in there. Love the pics!

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  • Yann H.
    Yann H.

    Great blog Ed. Sorry to hear that things aren't going your way at the minute. Just wondering could some of your difficulties could come from being dehydrated and hungry. I know that my body reacts in this way particularly when I am dehydrated. Hope you can sort it. Hit a very low point myself a few weeks back and a couple of tips from people here and a lot of encouragement have helped me turn it around. Hope you can too. Good luck

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  • Sarah W.
    Sarah W.

    Yes, great post, Ed, and I love your photos! I don't have any advice to offer except that I have felt totally wiped out by a run before too and that there are a lot of factors that contribute such as amount of sleep, fueling, temperature, etc. I think you have some experimenting to do but that is what the long run is partially for...sounds to me like you learned a lot on this run and that you'll have fun continuing to look for solutions. Hang in there!

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  • Julia M.
    Julia M.

    Coming back from injury is tough. Just my opinion here as a physiologist, but I don't think the issue is as much nutritional/hydration as it is lack of conditiong i.e. not enough time to build the mitochondria in your muscle from the low mileage the last few weeks. It's very difficult to expect your body to pop off a 20 miler when you haven't run more than 10 for several weeks. Keepin' it real here. Good luck, the adaptation response takes time so we often are impatient.

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  • Justin L.
    Justin L.

    Nice writeup Ed! Hope you feel better soon! I second Julia's assessment. Take it easy. Don't be too hard on yourself.

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  • Cindy K.
    Cindy K.

    Great recap, Ed. Sorry the run was such a bummer. I was amazed that you wanted to take it from 10 to 20 in one run. But I know how that works too. My mind gets set on something and the next thing you know...the goals get high. Glad your feet hung in with you though. Your next run will be better! :)

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