Friends (51)

  • Peg C.

    Peg C.

    NE, Fell short of last year's goal. I added some fitness classes in May, but was disappointed with my mileage. This year I will push myself more in every workout!

  • Augie S.

    Augie S.

    Milwaukee, WI, Stay healthy & be happy

  • Terra A.

    Terra A.

    Vancouver, BC, To be goal-less. As a solo-mom of three (including baby twins), to still include fitness in my busy life.

  • Jess H.

    Jess H.

    Shawnigan Lake, BC, Run, eat, sleep. Repeat.

  • Phil G.

    Phil G.

    Los Angeles, CA, Stay injury free. Improve time on my Marathons.

  • Thatsamantha


    Burlington, ON, Live a healthy active lifestyle whereby I work out at least 3 times a week. Cardio kickboxing is my current love.

  • Randi


    KS, Run my first FULL marathon.

  • Ted S.

    Ted S.

    CO, Continue to have fun, stay alive, and enjoy life!

  • Chibi J.

    Chibi J.

    Edmonton, AB, To make activity both a priority and a part of my everyday life.

  • Susan W.

    Susan W.

    Los Angeles, CA, To keep on running... for my life. Stay away, Big C!

  • William T.

    William T.

    Seattle, WA, 2014: Race 3 Marathons, Run 1000 miles, participate in a 50K race.

  • J T.

    J T.

    Los Angeles, CA, PR Half Marathon time.

  • Michael B.

    Michael B.

    Los Angeles, CA, Be fit and healthy. Encourage my kids to do the same. How? Run, bike, swim, lift, press, pull, sweat, repeat.

  • Scott C.

    Scott C.

    Manhattan Beach, CA, 2013: Escape From Alcatraz (DONE); , Dwight Crum Pier 2 Pier Swim (DONE), Malibu Tri (DONE & WON), MCM (DONE), 2014 Ironman Canada

  • Michele M.

    Michele M.

    Northern, VA, Run another 1/2 Marathon in 2012

  • Alan P.

    Alan P.

    Wadsworth, OH, For 2013 going to focus on getting in shape to run some 5K races in the Fall.

  • Kelly


    US, To SPARKLE as I Run, Bike & if I have to... occasionally swim.

  • Jessica C.

    Jessica C.

    Atlanta, GA, Drop the run:walk; improve ALL PRs; become a confident, happy, self proclaimed "runner."

  • Dana M.

    Dana M.

    Southwest Harbor, ME, health, fitness, weight loss, muscle tone!

  • Jenny M.

    Jenny M.

    Phoenix, AZ, health & shit

  • Renee J R.

    Renee J R.

    Atlanta, GA, Savannah Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon November 5, 2011 Miami Latin Music 1/2 Marathon December 9, 2011

  • Angie


    Warrensburg, MO, Continue to run for the benefit of my health & enjoyment. Very long term goal is a Disney Half Marathon.

  • Ted F.

    Ted F.

    Bethlehem, PA,

  • Kim B.

    Kim B.

    Austin, TX,

  • Sara S.

    Sara S.

    Milwaukee, WI, In 2010 I had massive brain surgery, followed by spinal cord surgery. I'm trying to find my way back to the runner I used to be.