Wall of Motivation (53)

  1. Chuck J.
      Post a workout!

    I miss following your training!

  2.   Hi-five

    No worries :) Great run, Hope! on a workout

  3. Lacy L.
      You're Funny

    Nice! on a workout

  4.   Nice Job

    It'll come back soon, you'll see! Well done, Hope! :) on a workout

  5. Kim P.

    Thats awesome!! :) on a workout

  6. Christy B.

    Great job!! on a workout

  7. Eddie J.
      You're an Inspiration

    You are just so AWESOME! on a workout

  8. Stephen T.
      Get Better

    Afraid I don't have any advice to share, but hope it feels better soon. on a workout

  9. Stephen T.
      Get Better

    Hope your feeling better soon. Back stiffness is the worst - it means NOTHIN... read more

  10. Christy B.

    You are awesome!! Great job!! on a workout

  11. Kathryn B.
      You're an Inspiration

    Congrats Hope! You did fantastic! on a workout

  12. Laetitia L.
      Good Luck

    Great job Hope! Which marathon will you run? Good luck and enjoy it! on a workout

  13.   Hi-five

    Great job. Hope! :) on a workout

  14. Amanda K.
      Great Performance

    Awesome 10 miler!! Great job getting over those trees.. on a workout

  15.   Nice Job

    I can totally relate! You did wonderful, awesome TM run! on a workout

  16. Daria
      Feel Better

    Oh noooo! What happened to your back? Definitely take it easy, speed and end... read more

  17. Eddie J.
      Post a workout!

    I miss following your training!

  18. Chuck J.
      Post a workout!

    I miss following your training!

  19. Kim P.
      Feel Better

    Great job pushing through! Nice 10 miles! on a workout

  20. Joe R.
      Great Performance

    Awesome PR performance today! on a workout

  21.   Nice Job

    Wonderful! Great run, Hope! on a workout

  22.   Nice Job

    I hear ya!! Fall is my favorite season for running! Great run, Hope! on a workout

  23. Christy B.
      Good Luck

    I'm excited to see how your race goes this weekend. Good luck, I'm sure you'... read more

  24.   Nice Job

    Sorry you're in pain, Hope - but that's a great run! Well done! on a workout

  25.   You're an Inspiration

    Wow, great job Hope, awesome that you pushed through despite not feeling that... read more

  26. Amanda K.
      You're an Inspiration

    14 mile is a great accomplishment and you are awesome for pushing your self t... read more

  27.   Great Performance

    Holy geez, that is FAST!!! Well done, Hope!! on a workout

  28.   Nice Job

    Great night run, Hope!! on a workout

  29.   Feel Better

    Great job, Hope... I hope your breathing eases up soon. Chest colds are terri... read more

  30.   Congrats

    Awesome, Hope!! Great run, congrats on the AG award!! on a workout

  31. Shelly
      Feel Better

    Seriously? A 5 mile run under a 10 min pace- WITH A CHEST COLD? Lol, you ar... read more

  32.   Good Luck

    Great job Hope! Rest day before a race is a good idea! Good luck for Wednesday! on a workout

  33.   Feel Better

    Ouch :( Great run, I hope you feel better soon. on a workout

  34. Brenda B.
      Nice Job

    Your working on it! on a workout

  35. Laetitia L.
      Nice Job

    Great job Hope! I love your profile picture! Did you do a tough mudder or a ... read more

  36. Frank A.
      Nice Job

    Excellent splits in the muggy conditions! on a workout

  37. Frank A.
      Nice Job

    Very nice work pushing the stroller on the hills! on a workout

  38. Laetitia L.
      Nice Job

    Humidity is a killer! Great job Hope and nice pace! on a workout

  39. Rachel D.
      Get Better

    Check you inbox... I am going to message you. on a workout

  40. Shanna W.
      Nice Job

    Rockstar! Great job, Hope! on a workout

  41. Amanda H.
      Great Performance

    Awesome!! on a workout

  42. Patrick K.
      Feel Better

    Nice job despite all that,then i hope you enjoy your workouts always. on a workout

  43. Shanna W.
      Get Better

    Sounds like you're doing the smart thing, Hope. Wishing you pain-free runs in... read more

  44. Andrea J.
      Get Better

    oh yes - do it NOW. been there/doing that. don't forget to foam roll!! on a workout

  45. Kristen
      Get Better

    Hope you are well and back at it soon! Smart move on your part! on a workout

  46. Laetitia L.
      Nice Job

    You can be proud! Happy birthday a little late! on a workout

  47. Jamese W.
      Feel Better

    Nice run even with the cold. I am getting over mine. on a workout

  48. Brenda B.
      Get Better

    Hopefully next will be your week! on a workout

  49. Brenda B.
      Nice Job

    Happy feet are always good! on a workout

  50. Laetitia L.
      Nice Job

    Nice job Hope! on a workout