Friends (54)

  • Jody L.

    Jody L.

    Juneau, AK, Run 20-30 miles a week.

  • Chris


    Redding, CA,

  • Greg W.

    Greg W.

    Birmingham, AL, Ultras of all shapes and sizes

  • Glenn S.

    Glenn S.

    North Plainfield, NJ, 2014 Goals: This year I want 52 events; runs, swims, triathlons, cycling and others. Also to perform better than 2013.

  • Matt


    Fullerton, CA, Run smart. Avoid injury. Have fun. Get fast.

  • Steve Shep

    Steve Shep

    Suffolk, VA, Set good example for my offspring.Be an uplifting friend.Eat Bacon & Ice Cream and tip a Suds(or three)w/out regret.Read a few new books.Defy the aging process.

  • Christy H.

    Christy H.

    Bonney Lake, WA,

  • Lisa K.

    Lisa K.

    Louisville, KY, Race with a unicorn tattoo, shave 13 minutes off my marathon time, do a sub 2 hr half, do a century ride.

  • Josh R.

    Josh R.

    Redding, CA, 100 mile run

  • Amanda M.

    Amanda M.

    Orlando, FL, Run 2014 Portland Marathon sub 5 and the 2014 Space Coast Half Marathon sub 2!

  • Rachel S.

    Rachel S.

    Elk Grove, CA, to live a healthy and ACTIVE life... to the full!

  • Hillary G.

    Hillary G.

    Boulder, CO, to run, sweat, & smile

  • Bradley


    Los Angeles, CA, 100 MILES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kimberly M.

    Kimberly M.

    Deltona, FL, Right now: Get back to a healthy me! Next: PR a half marathon and run a full!

  • Michelle R.

    Michelle R.

    Lake Oswego, OR, Get a PR at Portland Marathon, finish Mt. Hood 50 miles, run faster & continue to enjoy running.

  • Becca H.

    Becca H.

    Tucson, AZ, 2013: The year I become a triathlete. Check! And still: To not be such a marshmallow.

  • Raegan


    Los Angeles, CA,

  • Heidi T.

    Heidi T.

    Redding, CA,

  • Brooklynn


    Los Angeles, CA, 10K!

  • Hillary M.

    Hillary M.

    , To become as fit as I can be, while still maintaining some kind of social life at school.

  • Jered R.

    Jered R.

    Redding, CA, Bike more, run more, break PR's, get to a sustainable weight, inspire people, stay healthy

  • Jen J.

    Jen J.

    Los Angeles, CA, Training for Armageddon. Gotta be limber, lithe, spry, & have some wicked endurance to survive a zombie apocalypse, or natural disasters, or whatever the hell.

  • Jane S.

    Jane S.


  • Gina M.

    Gina M.

    MS, 1st Marathon - Marine Corps Marathon on 10/28/12 (my birthday)!!

  • Kaili J.

    Kaili J.

    Juneau, AK, My goal is to become more physically fit and more efficient at everything I do.