612 total / 0 in 2018

Avg sub-9 miles in 6+ mi runs. Become indestructible.

Wall of Motivation (18)

  1. Justin H.
      Nice Job

    kicking your mind's butt is the best part of it all ;D on a workout

  2. Justin H.
      Nice Job

    nice :D on a workout

  3. Andrew H.
      Nice Job

    ooo biblical running. on a workout

  4. Eric L.
      Great Performance

    sweet! on a workout

  5. Andrew H.
      Nice Job

    go henry! it'll get easier! on a workout

  6. Eric L.
      Nice Job


  7. Justin H.
      Feel Better

    but that's not what it is :| on a workout

  8. Robin W.
      You're an Inspiration

    Aww... I ran the extra 3.5 miles yesterday to try and beat you on the weekly ... read more

  9. Robin W.
      Get Better

    woohoo! go henry! on a workout

  10. Robin W.
      Post a workout!

    it's going to look bad if all the entries on the page are mine...

  11. Justin H.
      Great Performance

    dude that's faster than a lot of your lake paces! good job! on a workout

  12. Justin H.
      Feel Better

    what about longer hilly runs? only way to make shorter hilly runs feel better. on a workout

  13. Justin H.
      Great Performance

    dang 8min mile! good job! on a workout

  14. Andrew H.
      Get Better

    gjob gjob! on a workout

  15. Justin H.
      Great Performance

    dang PR on a 2x lake run! good job! on a workout

  16. Justin H.
      Great Performance

    nice! on a workout

  17. Justin H.
      Great Performance

    i'm glad you get to sign up HenrT! on a workout

  18. Andrew H.
      Nice Job

    stud on a workout