4636 total / 1675 in 2014

To run, cycle, swim for the rest of my life, and have fun, honour my loved ones' memories and feel proud doing so.

Wall of Motivation (604)

  1.   Great Performance

    Fantastic news!!!! So glad you're all healed up!! Bravo! on a workout

  2.   Congrats

    Well done my friend!!! It was so hot that the water felt GREAT! What an impr... read more

  3.   Great Performance

    That is amazingly speedy!!! And there were many turns to slow you down too. ... read more

  4.   Cheers

    Woohoo! That was a great run in that heat. Boy, four laps of that course mu... read more

  5. Francis
      Great Performance

    That was excellent Helene!! on a workout

  6.   Hi-five

    Excellent speedy brick run!!! Great time!!! on a workout

  7. Francis
      Great Performance

    Awesome job pushing through this ride even with slight back pain and a deflat... read more

  8. Francis
      Get Better

    Oh no!!! Feel better soon Helene and drink lots of water now and going forward. on a workout

  9. Gavin
      Feel Better

    Hope you are feeling better. on a workout

  10.   Congrats

    Woohooo!!! Super super cycle!!!!! So fast!!!! on a workout

  11.   Great Performance

    Wow!!! Super fast run to top off a great tri!!!! on a workout

  12. Francis
      Great Performance

    You got it done nicely and we are proud of you Helene! on a workout

  13. Clod P.
      Nice Job

    Tu as persévéré, good job! on a workout

  14. Lise N.
      Nice Job

    À lire l'ensemble ce n'était vraiment pas des conditions idéales mais tu t'en... read more

  15. Francis
      Great Performance

    Awesome!!! You are in such great shape for the Tri Helene!!! on a workout

  16. Francis
      Great Performance are so ready and we we will be cheering for you. on a workout

  17. Francis
      Great Performance

    Sounds like a lot of fun Helene. Great job! on a workout

  18. Francis
      Great Performance

    She is working it all the way around Ms. P. Awesome! on a workout

  19. Francis
      Great Performance were awesomely busy today Helene!! Great job! on a workout

  20. Francis
      Great Performance

    Awesome job always! You go girl!!! on a workout

  21.   Great Performance

    Excellent long ride!! You are going to rock that Triathlon!!! I'll be doing o... read more

  22. Francis
      Great Performance

    Wow...look at those miles Helene! You are simply amazing! on a workout

  23. Francis
      Great Performance

    And you did it perfectly Helene!! Excellent job. on a workout

  24. Francis
      Great Performance

    Ms. P, she is awesome...isn't she? Even while fatigued....what fatigue?? on a workout

  25. Francis
      Great Performance

    Excellent job Helene. For some reason, comments are disappearing from DM. I c... read more

  26. Francis
      Great Performance

    Amazing job Helene!! on a workout

  27.   Great Performance

    Sorry your thryroid is acting up. That was an amazing cycle no matter what! ... read more

  28.   Nice Job

    Excellent driving hard down the hills!! Great place to train :) Woohoo! on a workout

  29. Francis
      Great Performance

    You are so amazing Helene! That is incredible speed going downhill! Now I kno... read more

  30. Francis
      Great Performance

    And you did it!!! Excellent job persevering through Helene!! on a workout

  31.   Nice Job

    Wow, you did great with that tough run Helene!! You are back!!! on a workout

  32.   You Rock

    Great long long ride!!!! on a workout

  33. Francis
      Great Performance

    Amazing miles and speed Helene! on a workout

  34. Alain R.
      Nice Job

    Oufff ! J'ai chaud juste à repenser sortir demain lol Bravo Helene !! on a workout

  35. Angel M.
      Great Performance

    Great intervals workout Helene on a workout

  36. Daniela

    Congratulations on finishing this tri, Helene, amazing achievement! And yay t... read more

  37.   You're Badass

    ha ha!!! I can't imagine getting that far in the cold water of the ocean!! on a workout

  38.   Cheers

    Yes! That was wildly hot....yikes! We both did really well under those condi... read more

  39.   Congrats

    Stellar!!! on a workout

  40.   Great Performance

    Here is the sticker :). on a workout

  41. Francis
      Great Performance

    You are soo ready Helene!! on a workout

  42. Angel M.
      Great Performance

    Woooohooo super set Helene. Way to swim! Love that pace! on a workout

  43. Francis
      Great Performance

    Going strong is right Helene :) on a workout

  44. Angel M.
      Nice Job

    Wow no doubts about it! on a workout

  45. Angel M.
      Nice Job

    Sound great Helene! on a workout

  46. Francis
      Great Performance

    Wow...this is so impressive Helene! Awesome always! on a workout

  47. Angel M.
      Nice Job

    Nice afternoon ride Helene on a workout

  48. Francis
      Great Performance

    Awesome dedication Helene!! Very nicely done!! on a workout

  49. Francis
      Great Performance

    Very impressive streak of exercises Helene! on a workout

  50. Alain R.
      Nice Job

    Il fait chaud en ta ! lol Bravo pour cette belle sortie et prend bien soin d... read more