3566 total / 0 in 2018

Looking to get my marathon time under 4 hours and my half below 1:45. Currently cracked out on Ragnar relays - ran SoCal, doing Napa in September.

Wall of Motivation (17)

  1. Rolando R.
      You're an Inspiration

    Great job on your two marathons, and two weeks apart ! i never tried that be... read more

  2. Rolando R.
      Great Performance

    Excellent , Way to go !! on a workout

  3. Rolando R.
      Nice Job

    Excellent 22 miler lsd , taper time now and fine tune the details for the Big... read more

  4. Rolando R.
      Good Luck

    Nice run and good luck w today's 22 miler ! on a workout

  5. Rolando R.
      Nice Job

    Play it safe, don't run alone at night on a workout

  6. Rolando R.
      Nice Job

    Excellent, PR considering nasty headwind /weather. maybe a nice scarf would h... read more

  7. Dianasaur K.
      Great Performance

    Dang girl, you're fast! I need to take a running cue from you ;) Great job no... read more

  8. Rolando R.
      Great Performance

    Congratulations on your Race !! on a workout

  9. Jenny M.
      Nice Job

    You are awesome Heather! 1st place at Four Mile Hill challenge will be yours ... read more

  10. Jenny M.
      Great Performance

    Heather you are such a strong runner! We all beat the heat under 5 hours with... read more

  11. Dianasaur K.
      Great Performance

    Wow, great run considering what you had to go through! I can't believe they'd... read more

  12. Dianasaur K.
      Great Performance

    dislocated rib?!?!!? Get out!!!! Mighty impressive redemption! :) on a workout

  13. Jenny M.
      Nice Job

    Fantastic run and good pace Heather! Strong girl! on a workout

  14. Jenny M.
      Feel Better

    Oohh Heather! I really admire how you are handling this. I know its difficul... read more

  15. Jenny M.
      Nice Job

    Great pace Heather! You'll rock hard at LAM! on a workout

  16. Jenny M.
      You're an Inspiration

    You did great Heather! Partake in this awesome race every year with you is al... read more

  17. Jenny M.

    Five fingers! Such badass Heather! Great pace and looking forward to see you ... read more