Friends (38)

  • Tboy


    Squamish, BC, Repeat as old guy overall local race winner. I'm a Mtn Biker...more interested in time not distance :) ..........get faster!

  • Erica G.

    Erica G.

    HI, To not be so hard on myself. To not compare myself to others. To be happy with what I accomplish each day, celebrate that, and thank God.

  • Brenda B.

    Brenda B.

    US, sub-2 half marathon

  • Kate A.

    Kate A.

    Grand Junction, CO, Sub-3:35 Marathon; Sub-22:00 5K

  • Marcia P.

    Marcia P.

    Dartmouth, MA, To heal my damaged heart with exercise and to keep on moving...

  • Craig O.

    Craig O.

    Bismarck, ND, My goal this year is 4500 miles.

  • Laura


    London, GB, to run and swim happy :-)

  • Tabatha H.

    Tabatha H.

    TX, Figure out what's next.

  • Cheryl S.

    Cheryl S.

    Grand Junction, CO, Stay healthy! Improve times for all distances 1/2 marathon and under :)

  • Rob K.

    Rob K.

    Wellington, NZ, 2012 - 2012km of cycling 2013 - Ride a lot 2014 - Porirua Grand Traverse 2015 - Karapoti Classic

  • Kyle K.

    Kyle K.

    Rapid City, SD, Make the 2022 US 24 hour National Team

  • Bryan W.

    Bryan W.

    Cincinnati, OH, My main goal is to get to consistent mileage in the 20-30mi/wk range. I would also like to get back under 20min in the 5k.

  • Paul J.

    Paul J.

    MI, Still searching for a 2014 goal. :( Taking suggestions.

  • Melissa K.

    Melissa K.

    Philadelphia, PA, Keep running!

  • Sara B.

    Sara B.

    ME, Boston and Chicago are on the list for this year.... We will see where else the road leads!

  • Mitch


    Independence, MO, Run, Cycle, Run, Cycle, and then Run, Cycle some more

  • Ted K.

    Ted K.

    Portland, ME,

  • Berae


    Los Angeles, CA, Thanksgiving 5k

  • Jake K.

    Jake K.

    , Half marathon in June - my first, and possibly a full (Twin Cities) in October!

  • Rebecca


    CA, Stay healthy and active. Run a sub 4-hour marathon.

  • Mike B.

    Mike B.

    Riverside, CA, 5:00 mile 3:00 Marathon 100 Miles in 24 hours?

  • Judy M.
  • Laura I.

    Laura I.

    Alton, IL, Be healthier and happier in 2013. And break some personal records ;)

  • Riaan


    Pretoria, ZA, Drop the belly - getting there. 15/20kg's lost Get a little fitter - getting there Nissan Trailseeker series 2013 Joberg2C 2014?

  • Angela


    Chattanooga, TN, Run an entire half marathon. Run an entire full marathon. Be in the best shape of my life. Have the body I've always wanted.