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  • 21 miles
  • 05:05 time
  • 3098 calories
  • 7 workouts
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  1. RUN
    alright D & R Canal Towpath 6 mi 00:53 08:52 pace

    I thought my Achilles would determine distance today but it was the weather. I waited too long to go. It was actually sunny 🌞 😎 earlier in the morning but as I drove to the Griggstown Causeway the ... read more

    • Michelle H.
      Michelle H.

      Cracking miles Harry 🙌

      about 7 hours ago Like1 person

    • J J
      J J

      Fab running Harry! Happy your Achilles is behaving, and glad you got muddy!! :D

      about 7 hours ago Like1 person

    • Cris M.
      Cris M.

      The Achilles is on board! I'm with ya on the sun/rain--I got the sun for my run but things shifted quickly to rain

      about 5 hours ago Like1 person

  2. RUN
    good TM @ Crunch gym 3.3 mi 00:32 09:33 pace

    Gave blood 💉 earlier this morning. I was talked into the longer process through Alyx because I have A-. The machine separates the needed components for more immediate use! I also give more because... read more

    • Glenn S.

      You are a GOOD MAN!!!

      1 day ago Like1 person

    • Helene W.
      Helene W.

      I used to give mine (O+, universal donor) when I was in Europe, but I cannot here, because of the Mad Cow Disease. Yep, eventhough it was in the 80s, because there is no limitation on that disease. :-(

      1 day ago Like1 person

    • Michelle H.
      Michelle H.

      Superb Harry. My sis-in-law wouldn’t be here without blood donors. Thank you x

      about 13 hours ago Like1 person

  3. Shared Photo

    I also received my gold medal 🥇

  4. FIT
    good Weights at Crunch! 01:00

    Mostly upper body. Some kegs. Keep moving …

    An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unb... read more

  5. FIT
    good 00:45

    At the gym. Also with PT exercises. Took longer than I thought I would because my Achilles was really stinging from yesterday!

    Figment - Michael Penn; Spill the Wine - Eric Burdon; Slam Jam - Ro... read more

  6. RUN
    good D & R Canal Towpath 6 mi 00:55 09:06 pace

    Got out a little too late because, get this, it got warm!! ☀️🔥 75°, 60% humidity and 60° dewpoint. Sunny and beautiful! I’m not complaining though there was 3+ inches of snow on the ground Sunday!... read more

  7. Runners and Foot Injuries: 4 Causes of Foot Pain

  8. FIT
    good Elliptical at Crunch Gym. 2.2 mi 00:29 13:10 pace

    Elliptical Tuesday. National cherry 🍒 pie 🥧 day! Something to work for it! 👍🏻 😋

    By The Book - Michael Penn; The Boogie Bumper - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy; Rock Lobster - The B-52's; Power to th... read more

  9. RUN
    good Route 27 & Veterans Park 3.5 mi 00:31 08:56 pace

    It’s been a long path since having my job eliminated back in June 2017 but a new journey starts in two weeks. I’ve accepted a job off! 👍🏻👏🏻 I’m superstitious about jinxing this because I’ve had so... read more

  10. Shared Photo

    Part 2: Sammy’s 🐾 prints. 🐱

  11. Shared Photo

    Part 1: Yesterday we picked up Sammy’s paw 🐾 prints. A time for more memories and tears 😢. Touched by this explanation of the rainbow 🌈 bridge. ❤️

  12. RUN
    great Hood Loops & Veterans Park 7 mi 01:01 08:40 pace

    This felt good and I didn't think it was going to happen. We decided to get errands and other tasks done first with the forecast of snow on the way. Very productive but didn't leave muc... read more

  13. FIT
    good At Home! 01:00

    It doesn't look like I'll get to the gym today for weights. I had to drop off my car at the dealership after hearing a screeching/rubbing type noise yesterday. I took the shuttle home a... read more

  14. RUN
    good Hood Loops! 3.7 mi 00:34 09:12 pace

    Thursdays are usually weights at the gym but when I heard this afternoon would be in the 60's I changed that to Friday. Even though the Achilles is a little sore from yesterday's tempo r... read more

  15. Once again I’m not receiving any notifications of your comments on my posts. I just noticed many over the last few days and I think I’m caught up now. I was not ignoring them. 😞

  16. Shared Photo

    • Judy

      I want to know where this is. I feel like I have been there.

      9 days ago Like1 person

  17. RUN
    good TM @ Crunch gym 3.7 mi 00:30 08:10 pace

    I choose, choose … a tempo run 🏃🏻 💨 I haven’t done one in a while so I went with 20 minutes between 7:30 - 8:00. Felt good 👍🏻💪🏻 Achilles held up ok but a little sore now. Happy Valentine’s Day 💕
    ... read more

  18. FIT
    good Elliptical at Crunch Gym. 2.4 mi 00:30 12:30 pace

    Tuesday elliptical. 👍🏻

    Keep The Car Running - Arcade Fire; Burnin' For You - Blue Öyster Cult; This Is the Day - The The; Tremor Christ - Pearl Jam.

  19. RUN
    good TM @ Crunch gym 3.2 mi 00:29 09:04 pace

    Hello Monday.

    10:06, 8:55, 8:16.

    Even Flow - Pearl Jam; The Great Defector - Bell X1; Since You Been Gone - Rainbow; Supersoaker; La Bamba - Ritchie Valens; Electric - Atlas Genius.

    • J J
      J J

      Nice progressive 5k! Harr!! :)

      12 days ago Like1 person

    • Kim B.
      Kim B.

      My kind of run. 😊 (progressive, and for better or worse right now, the treadmill) Nice job and I hope you are doing ok.

      12 days ago Like1 person

  20. RUN
    good 6 Mile Trail Run 6.3 mi 01:05 10:23 pace

    More therapy on the trails. 46°, 79% humidity and 39° dewpoint. Cloudy with Misty rain at the end. Muddy muddy trails! Did I mention muddy?! I enjoyed this until the last quarter mile when I tur... read more