Harris A. everytime i bend my k...

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Everytime I bend my knee there I'd a pop and a grind. Which I'm going to say is not good. Every step hurts pretty bad or is at least not as enjoyable as a hug. It's 150$ an xray that my insurance does not cover. For the time being (until I can get enough money for a couple xrays, I get payed soon so it should be more than a week) I will not be with you lovely people logging the mileage. :(
Hope everyone's training is going well. I will be creeping from afar so I will not be leaving you completely <3

  • Shelby T.
    Shelby T.

    That really blows, Harris. I'm sorry. Keep RICEing on your own time and it may heal before you have to resort to the x-rays. But really give it some love! I hope it gets better soon!

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  • Gil R.
    Gil R.

    Harris, if you had no trauma it's probably just an overuse issue. If no past injury, an xray will probably be normal - even if it isn't, are you going to stop running? (I wouldn't) Just listen to your knee and cross train until it feels better.

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  • Tim D.
    Tim D.

    Sounds like runners knee like Gil R. said. RICE and three days of scheduled high dose ibuprofen is what I have done in the past. Hopefully in two weeks you be good as new!

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  • Pete

    Take care, man. I have no idea what it is or what to do about it. But sounds like you're getting some solid advice.

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  • Tim M.
    Tim M.

    Hey bro, really sorry about all of this. I had a severe case of runner's knee last year. The way I cured it was 4 weeks of intensive rehab (leg lifts, IT band recovery etc.) and lots and lots of icing. I still ran here and there but it took a solid month to recover. I still ran a marathon 7 weeks later though, so you'll pull through. The key for the next time is to do as much strengthening work as you're doing running.

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  • Harris A.
    Harris A.

    Thanks Tim! I start physical therapy Friday. Hopefully ill get through this quickly.

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