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Marathon and Olympic distance Triathlon

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  • Aron F.

    Aron F.

    Omaha, NE, First full marathon in under 4 hours

  • Kevin R.

    Kevin R.

    Lincoln, NE, Run to the best of my ability on any given day. Cont. to run for my friend I lost Carol Smith and never let her memory fade, but let it be heard. Just have FUN

  • Becky M.

    Becky M.

    NE, Find a balance between life and exercise. Run a half in al 50 states. Complete a half Ironman triathlon in 2014. Stay Healthy!

  • Molly N.

    Molly N.

    Lincoln, NE, I'm swimming for sanity and when I'm stuck on dry land, I enjoy cycling, hiking, jogging and sometimes, just doing nothin at all.

  • Amanda


    Council Bluffs, IA, Goal? Don't die, that's my goal.

  • Gunter V.

    Gunter V.

    Lincoln, NE, Ultramarathon in 2012 or possibly 2013. Mainly: to enjoy running, injury-free, as fast as possible, as slow as necessary.

  • Jim D.

    Jim D.

    Newberg, OR, I'd like to run an Ultra. I want to test my limits and push past them. There are a lot of hurdles between here and there though. One step at a time.

  • Michael H.

    Michael H.

    Omaha, NE,

  • Frosty


    Omaha, NE, To improve my PR in 5K (21:12) and 10k (42:12), also want to podium in my age group. Help Wife to better her running part of Triathlons.

  • Amanda B.

    Amanda B.

    Lincoln, NE, Is to enjoy an active lifestyle, keep running races (e.g. half marathons, marathons, 5k, 10k, etc.), and broadening my horizons by doing another triathlon.

  • Jamie D.

    Jamie D.

    Los Angeles, CA, shits & giggles.

  • Shubham S.

    Shubham S.

    Indore, IN, le tour de france

  • Martin B.

    Martin B.

    Colchester, GB, To keep running while I'm busy at school. If you don't see me running. Slap me, pull my ears, throw pies (low fat of course), & shout at me to make sure I run!

  • Brian K.

    Brian K.

    Lincoln, NE, 2012 Goals: Lincoln Half Marathon, Market to Market, Marine Corp Marathon. Overall: Have fun

  • Andrea M.

    Andrea M.

    Lincoln, NE, Log 2000+ miles in 2013. Keep prepping for a 70.3 in 2014.

  • Liesel P.

    Liesel P.

    Lincoln, NE, to keep running!

  • Lyndsey H.

    Lyndsey H.

    Lincoln, NE, To get back into shape after having a baby April 2012.

  • Kate M.

    Kate M.

    Lincoln, NE, Live healthy.

  • Jillian L.

    Jillian L.

    Omaha, NE, Houston Marathon, January 13, 2013.- done! Look good in a wedding dress. Chicago Marathon-new PR

  • Brian J.

    Brian J.

    Omaha, NE, 2013: Minimum of 30 Miles Per a faster half marathon, more strength training.

  • Matthias C.

    Matthias C.

    Lincoln, NE,

  • Anelle


    , Training for my first FULL marathon!!

  • David P.
  • Wendi R.

    Wendi R.

    Lincoln, NE,

  • Jessica C.

    Jessica C.

    Lancaster, PA, Harder, better, faster, stronger. Also-Lincoln, Nebraska Marathon 2011