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  • 13 miles
  • 01:57 time
  • 1506 calories
  • 2 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. RUN
    good As Lisa would say, 10K to sta... 6.2 mi 00:58 09:16 pace

    And the incredible weather continues . . . . Actually turned my heat on for the drive down to meet Lynn and Cullen. I ran the first five with the ladies then looped around to my car as that was al... read more

  2. This one is for Lynn . . . . I have been thinking about this one a lot as Lynn will run London this spring. I think it is pretty safe to say this is the most incredible, impressive marathon WR in... read more

  3. RUN
    Reverse Short Bridge 6.36 mi 01:00 09:21 pace

    Incredible morning out there in terms of weather . . . . started with Lynn, Addison, Cullen, Jessie, Annie and Addison. Jessie hung back today and just ran easy with Annie and I - great weather an... read more

    • Jessie S.
      Jessie S.

      I really enjoyed the miles with you and Annie this morning. I hope to get to do that more often. Oh, I was only joking about race day weather. My track record this year hasn't been great- wind and rain at Myrtle, smoking hot in Athens, so I'm just expecting hot and humid in Augusta. Let's hope for the best tho! And enjoy the cooler temps while we have them

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    • Lynn F.
      Lynn F.

      Nice miles Hallie, so good to see you driving up with that toothbrush in your about time management!

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    • Hallie

      Thanks ladies! It was a super morning. Lynn, I drink coffee in my car and hate to set out on the run with that taste in my mouth, and even more, breathing on my running partners with coffee breath :-)

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  4. RUN
    All around the town with Annie 17.26 mi 03:08 10:53 pace

    Annie and I got out really early to try to beat the rain - heard the rain hammering overnight and thought we would have to cancel but we decided to suck it up and try to get it in. We were really ... read more

  5. RUN
    good Sherwood Forest 4.2 mi 00:42 09:52 pace

    Just a little time today to get a few miles. Hills felt easier in the first loop ;-) - caught the rest of the fam in the second loop on a walk and Tillie ran about the last mile with me.

  6. RUN
    good Family fun run w the TTC 5.2 mi 00:50 09:38 pace

    Log cabin w Gail,Johnny, WK, Brad, Sarah et al -hot out but could have been worse.

  7. I have been thinking about this video a lot lately as a friend told me last week she ultimately quit sports in middle school because she was heckled from the stands by a parent who yelled that she ... read more

    • Jessie S.
      Jessie S.

      Thanks for sharing! It's inspiring! After my hip surgery, so many people (non-runners) discouraged me from running. In the end, it only mattered that I believed I could do it.

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    • Hallie

      Absolutely Jessie! You and Joanie!

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    • Ian C.
      Ian C.

      You mean everybody's dads didn't make them watch this over and over when they were little?

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  8. RUN
    good Short Bridge 6.36 mi 00:59 09:11 pace

    Very nice run this AM with Lynn, Cullen, Alatheia, and Annie. This was a faster pace for me but I felt pretty good, still super slow on hills but working on it. I'm sure happy to be back at it.

  9. RUN
    Meters to Patrick St + CT and... 10.2 mi 01:46 10:23 pace

    What a great day out there! I am sure gonna miss the summer polar vortex but the miserable hasn't quite set in yet. I see we will be back in the nineties tomorrow. YUCK! Annie and I met for o... read more

  10. RUN
    very short should have been l... 3 mi

    The weather and obligations conspired against Annie and to get our long run on sunday morning at 6am as planned - by the time it stopped I only had 30 minutes, so I bagged it until i had more time ... read more

  11. RUN
    good Another CRISP morning! 6.18 mi 01:02 10:01 pace

    A wonderful morning with Alatheia, Cullen, Lynn, and Jessie. I am afraid I am getting spoiled by this weather, trying to remind myself that the horrible is coming. We ran from Drug Emporium to th... read more

  12. RUN
    good YWCA to Patrick St 5.4 mi 00:51 09:25 pace

    Truly a glorious morning - I knew when I went to get the newspaper and it felt chilly that it would be a lucky day. The miles today felt easy and kept getting quicker - honestly my new shoes feel ... read more

    • Lynn F.
      Lynn F.

      Good run Hallie, sorry again about missing the connection!

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    • Erin C.
      Erin C.

      Great! It was 49 degrees and sunny here this morning. I was sad I had to put on work clothes and not running clothes :(

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  13. RUN
    good Erwin's house to St. Timothy'... 5.78 mi 01:00 10:27 pace

    Haven't done this one for a long while, forgot how tiring those hills can be, but all in all a great day out there with Annie. We didn't get out there until 10:30 and it was still nice r... read more

  14. RUN
    good Rain Eun 6.04 mi 00:58 09:31 pace

    I really enjoyed the intermittent downpours this morning. I bought some new Shoes and they felt like a cloud - I'm embarrassed to admit I haven't bought shoes since well before I got preg... read more

    • Jessie S.
      Jessie S.

      Thanks for the miles this morning! I enjoyed getting to catch up with you.

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    • Lynn F.
      Lynn F.

      I enjoyed it too -- you can tell, your pace is really picking up! And its not just the shoes -- you look great!

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    • Ashley D.
      Ashley D.

      Oh my!! If I use a pair of shoes for 4-6 months that's long. You definitely needed new ones!!

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    • Laura C.
      Laura C.

      Hmmm, looks like you are getting speedier!

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  15. RUN
    good All over town 16 mi 03:00 11:15 pace

    I'm not sure of pace today - I stopped and started the Garmin as I refueled and lost satellite, but this is my best guess and I think it is is pretty close. I am confident about the mileage t... read more

  16. RUN
    good More Elkins 4.02 mi 00:42 10:24 pace

    Ran some through lovely neighborhoods with JH in the stroller - reAlly appreciated when I found the shady streets on this HOT morning. I felt tired today and tried to run really relaxed but still f... read more

  17. RUN
    good Around Elkins and Rail to Trail 6.8 mi 01:08 09:55 pace

    Hot and windy day out there - ran downtown w the stroller for the first half and then gave up fighting the wind - that thing is a sail! So, cora took JH for a stroll on the rail to trail and I go... read more

  18. RUN
    good Elkins Rail to Trail 6.03 mi 01:01 10:06 pace

    Highly recommend this run to anyone in the area! Plenty of shade between to he fields out there and very well maintained - saw deer, bunnies, horses, chipmunks, and fish is the stream parallel. The... read more

  19. Shared Photo

    John Henry and I on the rail to trail in Elkins today - absolutely beautiful out there!

    • Ian C.
      Ian C.

      Looks like he let you do all the work

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    • Jessie S.
      Jessie S.

      What a beautiful place to run! Looks like the run even wore out JH :)

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    • Hallie

      Sorry guys - I'm not sure why this photo posted horizontally. I am unsure how to change it.

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    • Hallie

      Yep, JH isn't much help at all :-) And, the motion of the stroller must be soporific, because he typically falls right to sleep when "we" run.

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  20. RUN
    downtown Elkins 4 mi 00:38 09:34 pace

    Ran the only flat miles in Elkins downtown. I didn't get out there until 5pm so I was worried I might wilt in the heat, but it wasn't too bad after I settled in and found the occasional ... read more