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  • Brittany


    Minneapolis, MN, Be an active and fit mama. Maybe tackle some PRs while I'm at it (3:28 marathon, 1:34 HM, 42:47 10k).

  • Nicole G.

    Nicole G.

    San Antonio, TX, Getting back into shape after taking a couple of years off to heal from health issues

  • Megan M.

    Megan M.

    Washington, DC, 2012 total miles, sub 1:50 half-marathon, and complete an Olympic triathlon in 2012!

  • Julia G.

    Julia G.

    Denver, CO, Get fast! Current: Sub 1:35 half marathon; sub 21 5k

  • Madeline G.

    Madeline G.

    Savannah, GA, Beat my last 1/2 marathon time :)

  • Robin K.

    Robin K.

    San Francisco, CA, faster and farther! 5k 20:45, half 1:33:47, full 3:21:05

  • Anne W.

    Anne W.

    Fremont, OH, To continue running strong, despite fibromyalgia, FAI, labral tears, and osteoarthritis in both hips.

  • Krista K.

    Krista K.

    Greensboro, NC, My goal is to train smart in 2013, run my 4th marathon (and BQ!), and to run a 1:30 half marathon!

  • Teri


    Winston Salem, NC,

  • Lori



  • Jess M.

    Jess M.

    Somerville, MA, Give and get training advice and share the passion of running and yoga!

  • Jen


    Albany, NY, Marathon #3 in 2014 under 4:45

  • Heidi O.
  • Meg


    San Diego, CA,

  • Tabatha B.
  • Katie C.
  • Amanda M.

    Amanda M.

    Wetumpka, AL, To keep moving forward!!

  • Katie



  • Ana


    Miami, FL, 2013: Set a faster pace & out run 2012 mileage. Races: I13.1 Half, KB Half or Lou Gehrig 10K, Halloween Half, KB Lighthouse 10K, T Trot 10K

  • Dina


    Haines City, FL, I want to get faster.

  • Angela A.

    Angela A.

    Claremont, CA, Run injury-free. BQ. Keep running passionately, be the best athlete I can be inside and out.

  • Corey


    WI, goals for 2013 continue to place in my divison at 5k races and do some 10k/half marathons

  • Di K.

    Di K.

    , Discovered my love of running in the last 1-2 years. Now, I'm chasing a healthy body, mind & spirit one mile at a time.

  • Ann W.

    Ann W.

    , -run my first Marathon in 2014 -run more miles in 2014 -more workouts at gym -more swimming -cycling

  • Alexis A.

    Alexis A.

    Atlanta, GA, Ran first 5K 11/10/2012 in 31:44. Since I've run less, gotten MUCH slower & stopped running completely for a few months. Hoping to get back on track!