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  • 10 miles
  • 01:21 time
  • 1157 calories
  • 1 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. RUN
    Dillons 10.25 mi 01:21 07:54 pace

    Hot, sweaty and buggy. I was very happy to make it back home and be done with this one.

  2. RUN
    16.2 mi 02:08 07:54 pace

    Surprisingly nice morning. The clouds helped a ton. And there was a food truck with breakfast burritos in the parking lot when we got done. Perfect.

  3. RUN
    Dillons 10.25 mi 01:23 08:05 pace

    I was so tired this morning that I must have been picking my feet up even less than I normally do. Took a tumble less than a quarter mile from my house. But I bravely continued on and finished my... read more

  4. RUN
    Home loop 8.15 mi 01:02 07:36 pace

    I'm still sweating from this run.

  5. RUN
    Dillons 10.2 mi 01:22 08:02 pace

    This was a hot, whiny run through the park. I was just happy to make it home.

  6. RUN
    Dillons 10.25 mi 01:22 08:00 pace

    This one was painful from start to finish. Would've never happened without the Dillons crew. So thanks, I guess.

  7. RUN
    Home loop 8.15 mi 01:01 07:29 pace

    Thought this would be solo but ran into Scott on 21st. Much better.

  8. RUN
    Dillons 10.25 mi 01:21 07:54 pace

    I almost overslept but made it to Dillons in time. Winston led the charge through the park and the rest of us tried to keep up.

  9. RUN
    Dillons 10.3 mi 01:23 08:03 pace

    Fun run with fun people.

  10. RUN
    Not Dillons 10.33 mi 01:21 07:50 pace

    I overslept and missed the Dillons crew but did manage to get out the door for some solo miles. Luckily Scott H. was on the same plan and we joined up for a few miles. I have run through plenty o... read more

    • Scott H.
      Scott H.

      nice to run into you - wasn't expecting that. Looks like i didn't slow your overall average down to much.

      about 1 month ago Like

    • Steve S.
      Steve S.

      Sounds like you ran into my old nemesis. They used to hang in wait for me near 29th & Keith.

      about 1 month ago Like

    • Andy R.
      Andy R.

      I have probably 20-25 bites from this morning, too. Little bastards!

      about 1 month ago Like

  11. RUN
    Dillons 10.25 mi 01:21 07:54 pace

    Pretty sure the only way for it to be more humid is if it was full on raining.

  12. RUN
    Dillons 10.25 mi 01:21 07:54 pace

    Beautiful morning and comfortable paces. I got to see Linda for her birthday but missed out on Jen's biscuit after the run.

  13. RUN
    Dillons 10.3 mi 01:21 07:51 pace

    Can't complain about the weather this morning. My legs still don't have much pep to them but somehow Winston, Andy and I managed to move through the park at a pretty decent clip.

  14. RUN
    Dillons 10.3 mi 01:23 08:03 pace

    My legs are still pretty dead but I really wanted to get back out running with the Dillons squad. Glad I did. I too want to acknowledge Jen.

  15. RUN
    Prairie Fire half 13.1 mi 01:28 06:43 pace

    2 seconds. Missed it by that much. Oh well, it was a fun day and I ran about as well as I could. I probably won't kill myself as Jen suggested.

  16. RUN
    Dillons 7 mi 00:53 07:34 pace

    Harder was in fine form just 9 days out from Boston. Also ran with a few people I haven't run with in a long time. In Winston's case it was good to get back. In Jordan's...

    • Scott H.
      Scott H.

      21st and Ridge might have well been Hereford and Boylston this morning. Looking forward to seeing how you do on Sunday.

      about 1 month ago Like

    • Scott K.
      Scott K.

      Best of Luck!!! 1:28:30!

      about 1 month ago Like

    • Amy M.
      Amy M.

      such a short run. and driving to your destination? weird! nice speedy 7, good luck on sunday!!

      about 1 month ago Like

    • Erich R.
      Erich R.

      Are you going to win this half? Holy barls main

      about 1 month ago Like

  17. RUN
    Dillons 10.25 mi 01:19 07:42 pace

    Wow the humidity was something. Hope that moves out before Sunday. A good cruise through the park with Andy.

  18. RUN
    Dillons 10.15 mi 01:21 07:58 pace

    I was almost late so I didn't see who all was there, but it was a pretty big crowd. Nice cruise through the park today.

  19. RUN
    Dillons 10.25 mi 01:23 08:05 pace

    It was a pleasant little run until things got weird deep in the heart of SCP. Things happened there that I'll never talk about.

    • Amy M.
      Amy M.

      now i'm trying to narrow down what you might be talking about. thanks for slumming it with us, fun to run with you again today!

      2 months ago Like

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    • Amy M.
      Amy M.

      Well, we didn't want to kill our good pace...

      2 months ago Like

    • Erich R.
      Erich R.

      How long do you guys think we waited? I need to adjust my time.

      2 months ago Like

  20. RUN
    Solo bench 16.2 mi 02:01 07:28 pace

    Had to get an early start but thought there might be a couple others doing the same. Nope. You all suck.