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  • 10 miles
  • 01:21 time
  • 1157 calories
  • 1 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. RUN
    Dillons 10.31 mi 01:21 07:52 pace

    My weather app lied to me and said it was 46 instead of the actual 33. This was a lot funnier when it happened to my daughter yesterday for her practice.

  2. RUN
    SCP 12.03 mi 01:36 07:57 pace

    I told the girls I would go check out the paths for them. They were about 90% dry. Evidently that wasn't good enough for them. Or anyone else. If I would've slipped and broke my head ... read more

  3. RUN
    Dillons 10.29 mi 01:22 07:57 pace

    Kinda nice to break a sweat on a run again.

  4. RUN
    Dillons 10.28 mi 01:20 07:49 pace

    This was not my most enjoyable run ever. I considered all of the ways I could cut it short but once I got to Dillons there was no avoiding running into the wind to get home.

  5. RUN
    Dillons 10.21 mi 01:18 07:38 pace

    The wind was a little chillier than I expected. I ran faster so I could get inside.

  6. RUN
    Dillons 10.21 mi 01:22 08:00 pace

    Good to run with some fine folks this morning. It was lit.

  7. RUN
    Dillons 10.15 mi 01:17 07:35 pace

    Just me and Mike G and I was a little late so almost missed him. But we managed to zip around the park. It was mighty cold but it wasn't too uncomfortable thanks to only light winds.

    • Amy M.
      Amy M.

      impressive effort, boys! my fastest pace today was logged running from my car into the NWY.

      about 1 month ago Like

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    • Mike G.
      Mike G.

      Thanks for getting me through this morning, I was dreading running by myself.

      about 1 month ago Like

    • Jennifer S.
      Jennifer S.

      I miss you. But not enough to run fast. Or in the cold. Or early. Ok, maybe I don't really miss you.

      about 1 month ago Like

  8. RUN
    Dillons 10.26 mi 01:22 08:01 pace

    Got more miles running with Evil Greg than I've had in a long time. Making fun of him helped keep my mind off of the cold wind.

  9. RUN
    Sunday Bench 8 mi 01:08 08:26 pace

    Second day in a row running with Erich. #blessed

  10. RUN
    Bench 12 mi 01:40 08:20 pace

    Good little group gathered at the bench this morning. Jennifer bailed early but it was ok because the sun was coming up and I didn't want to have to look at her mismatched outfit. Travis wou... read more

  11. RUN
    Dillons 10.3 mi 01:22 07:57 pace

    Coldest run of the season so far. Somehow I managed to survive.

  12. RUN
    Dillons 10.25 mi 01:22 08:00 pace

    Ran with some people I haven't run with in a long time. It was alright.

  13. RUN
    Dillons 10.25 mi 01:21 07:54 pace

    I couldn't find my gloves in the 30 seconds I had before I needed to get out the door. I survived, but just barely.

  14. RUN
    Dillons 10.25 mi 01:20 07:48 pace

    It was a small group this morning but still good to have company.

    • Amy M.
      Amy M.

      i ran dillons! but it was across town. nice dime.

      2 months ago Like

    • Lee O.
      Lee O.

      Always good to keep the group going.. I have to join you guys and gals next Thursday. I am doing my long run Friday morning

      2 months ago Like

    • Shane

      I drove by Dillion's.

      2 months ago Like

    • Linda

      You kept the group moving!

      2 months ago Like

  15. RUN
    Dillons 10.25 mi 01:21 07:54 pace

    Nearly got taken out by a voter on 21st street. Would've been kind of ironic considering how much I've avoided all the election stuff.

  16. RUN
    Dillons 10.1 mi 01:20 07:55 pace

    Just a warm, sweaty run on the first day of November.

  17. RUN
    SCP 12 mi 01:40 08:20 pace

    Had the honor of running with Travis, Scott H, and Erich. We were having so much fun we just kept adding loops. I'm surprised we aren't still out there.

  18. RUN
    Dillons 10.33 mi 01:21 07:50 pace

    I ran, I saw some dude chilling in his hot tub at 5:00 am on my way to Dillons, I almost stepped on a guy sleeping on the covered bridge, blah blah blah. Same old, same old. The exciting part of ... read more

  19. RUN
    Dillons 10.25 mi 01:22 08:00 pace

    Mike S tried to make me run fast. I was having none of it.

  20. RUN
    10.7 mi 01:26 08:02 pace

    I found Jen and Erich after a half lap because we were all following the rules. About one lap was all Jen could stand with me so she chose running solo outside the park. Maybe she was just uncomfor... read more