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To consistently get in at least 3 runs a week, lose 15 lbs and run my 3rd HM in under 2:00

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Grace logged 1689 miles.

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  1. RUN
    Plus elliptical 1 mi 00:10:23 10:22 pace

    Did 30 mins on the elliptical and 20 mins upper body...wasn't enough. Needed to hop on TM for a mile. Feeling great.

  2. RUN
    Back home 3 mi 00:32 10:39 pace

    First run since being back from vacation. Feeling sluggish but not a bad one.

  3. RUN
    around town 2.5 mi 00:26 10:24 pace

    Very windy today. But I enjoyed every second. My view, ahead.

  4. Shared Photo

    3rd run in Portugal .

  5. RUN
    Portugal 2.75 mi 00:30 10:54 pace

    Guesstimated again. Running here is just amazing. All the fruit trees, flowers, beautiful scenery...Peaceful .

  6. Shared Photo

    Around my beautiful cobblestone town in Portugal and the hill I tackled again today.

  7. RUN
    ~ in Portugal ~ 2.5 mi 00:25 10:00 pace

    Guesstimated 2.5 miles . My tracker doesn't seem to be working for me here . A beautiful sunny day. Mind over matter with my back pain. Pic ahead on my route .

  8. Shared Photo

    Portugal ... On my run.

  9. MRI results back... Degenerative disc and a bulging disk. Injection is the next step for me. They also found many cysts in my kidney which I have never heard of and of course am worried about. Any... read more

    • Chris G.
      Chris G.

      No idea about the cysts but, I have had steroid injections (for the shoulder in my case) to excellent effect! Hopefully you have similar results!

      2 months ago Like

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    • Bob M.
      Bob M.

      Sending positive vibes your way, Grace. Hope all goes well for you and you are back running soon!

      2 months ago Like

    • Harry L K.
      Harry L K.

      Oh boy! I just hope this means this is the first step to the road to recovery! Thinking of you!

      2 months ago Like

  10. Last night was the worse... Cried quite a much pain and I can't understand how I went from being such an active person to hardly being able to move. This I taking a toll on me for s... read more

    • Chris G.
      Chris G.

      So sorry to hear this. I'm suffering from some minor back/sciatic issues myself so, I sympathise! I will keep my fingers crossed that they identify the cause and offer a quick solution! Hang in there.

      2 months ago Like

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    • Lazaro R.
      Lazaro R.

      Good luck Grace. Hope they can identify a cause and offer a solution. My sciatic pain lasted 8 months then was gone one morning and hasn't been back for over two years. Knock on wood... Advil and stretching kept me from losing it.

      2 months ago Like

    • Bob M.
      Bob M.

      Hang in there, Grace. Sorry to hear about your ailments.

      2 months ago Like

  11. RUN
    Around town 3 mi 00:31 10:15 pace

    A beautiful day for a run. Back is not well, but always feels a little looser after a run. Enjoy the weekend all!

  12. RUN
    Intervals 3 mi 00:30 10:02 pace

    Trying to keep it far so good

  13. Morning all... So for the last 8 months I have been struggling with horrible lower back pain. So bad, that I can't get out of bed sometimes. I am popping ibuprofen like crazy, stretching some,... read more

    • Harry L K.
      Harry L K.

      Sorry to hear about this Grace. Core work. It' supposed to help in support of your back. Feel better really soon!

      3 months ago Like

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    • Brian C.

      I 3rd the doctor suggestion. I had back issues years ago, turned out to 1 herniated and 2 bulging disks. I had a couple of cortisone shots in the back (along with losing my 30lb gut) and I've been fine ever since.

      3 months ago Like

    • Glenn S.

      Grace, I agree about a doctor. I had sever sciatica and went to a neurosurgeon. I needed surgery and it made 99% improvement. You should get checked out with an MRI and/or CAT scan. Make sure you are comfortable with the doctor and get a second opinion.

      3 months ago Like

  14. RUN
    Intervals 3 mi 00:30 10:00 pace

    1.5 miles of 30 second intervals. Sweatfest!

  15. RUN
    Intervals 3 mi 00:30 09:57 pace

    Have not been watching what I eat and exercising very little. Gained some , not happy. Have to get back to taking care of me. It's the only time I am at my best.

  16. RUN
    With a friend 3 mi 00:34 11:13 pace

    Met up with Flory for a short run. Loved every second!

  17. RUN
    With the boys 2 mi 00:22 10:49 pace

    They were not in to it today. But they did stay with me for most of the run . Meeting Flory in the am for a short one.

  18. Anyone running the Firecracker 4 miler on July 4th in Cranford? Am thinking about it.

    • Tom

      I've ran it three times in the past. It goes right past my street so I go outside and cheer everyone on. Let me know if you do and I'll look for you.

      3 months ago Like

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    • Camrun S.
      Camrun S.

      I've done it several times - it's a fun one!

      3 months ago Like

    • Bob M.
      Bob M.

      I like the name of that race. I'd run too if firecrackers were going off near me!

      3 months ago Like

  19. RUN
    Sole -Stice 5 k for breast ca... 3.1 mi 00:28 08:58 pace

    5 mins from home .. No excuses ... I started my day off right. 2nd in age group, missed first by 6 seconds.

  20. Shared Photo

    Feeling good.. Went this one alone...peaceful !