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Gordon logged 4227 miles.

Last workout over 5 years ago. Help get them back on track!

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  1. Just popping in to say hello. Need to get involved here again

  2. swim
    2000 yd 00:52 45:45 pace

    4 x 50y free; 25 Stream Kicking; 25 Free;25 Single Arm; 1 x 25 Free. repeat; 8 x 50 Free,leave on 01:20;1 x 600 Free with pull buoy; 100 Free Push & Glide; 100yd Free. (added 400 free to get 2... read more

  3. beginning to feel wiggy on days that I don't do some sort of double workout.

  4. RUN
    tempo 10.5 mi 01:24 07:58 pace

    avg pace 7:58.
    1. 5 mile warm (9:24, 8:16)
    2 miles 7:40-7:55 (7:41,7:34)
    .5 rec (8:12)
    2.5 miles 7:25-7:50 (7:31,7:31,7:18)
    .5 rec (8:34)
    2 miles 7:10-7:37 (7:13, 7:01)
    1.5 cool (9:05)

    lots of wi... read more

  5. RUN
    Scouting hills on a long run 15 mi 02:03 08:11 pace

    Purpose of this run was to scout hills for SF marathon training. Find some nice ones. Over a 4 mile stretch of this run had a 700 ft elevation gain. Good stuff. Did some marathon pace miles after ... read more

    • Nicki

      Way to go!

      almost 8 years ago Like

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    • Honestjim

      great run gordon, get those legs to love that feeling of hills well into a marathon - you sir are a inspiration, looking forward to the next episode of 'this running life'.

      almost 8 years ago Like

    • Bamarunner
      Bamarunner Nice Job
      Nice Job:

      hey, there's a big hill just south of town ... just saying .. hehe .. Nice run Gordon

      almost 8 years ago

  6. VELO
    wind stinks! 22 mi 01:49 12.1mph pace

    wind wind wind

  7. RUN
    hills 10 mi 01:23 08:15 pace

    1.5 warm (9:20)
    3 miles rolling hills, aiming to be in the low 8's (8:34, 8:26)
    1 mile off the hills on flat fast- 7:30-8 (7:44)
    .5 mile recovery at 8-8:10 (8:06)
    2 more miles of rolling hills... read more

    • Barry L.
      Barry L.

      The hills are alive with the sound of Gordon! Rockin' it, man.

      almost 8 years ago Like

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    • Ron G.
      Ron G.

      It looks like you're recovered from your marathon! Nice hill work.

      almost 8 years ago Like

    • Alterrain
      Alterrain Great Performance
      Great Performance:

      Great time Gordon. Listening to your podcast now. You're awesome!

      almost 8 years ago

  8. RUN
    recovery 8 mi 01:16 09:30 pace

    basic zone 2 stuff

  9. swim
    1600 yd 00:41 44:34 pace

    good swim. lots of pull buoy action

    Warm up
    • 8 x 25yd Any Stroke (even pace), rest 0:10 / 25yd
    Build up (repeat 4 times)
    • 1 x 25yd Freestyle Catch Up, rest 0:10 / 25yd
    • 1 x 25yd Streamli... read more

    • Greg T.
      Greg T.

      Nice swim Gordon. Are you following some sort of plan? I just started swimming recently and all I do is freestyle until I run out of steam/time.

      almost 8 years ago Like

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    • Dominic A.
      Dominic A.

      Nice swim. I'm interested to see how the swimming will be helping your running. Seems like you're getting benefits from your pool time. Any triathlons this year?

      almost 8 years ago Like

    • Gordon H.
      Gordon H.

      prolly do a tri in august. doing a triathlon swim camp week from saturday. i think it has helped my breathing and lung capacity a great deal.

      almost 8 years ago Like1 person

  10. swim
    not a lot of time today, went... 1100 yd 00:31 49:36 pace

    quick one tonight. go longer tomorrow. oof. all those 25s were a bear. made my times, but was huffing it

    Warm up
    • 2 x 100yd Any Stroke (even pace), rest 0:20 / 100yd
    Build up (repeat 4 times)
    ... read more

  11. RUN
    tempo on Tuesday. 10 mi 01:19 07:54 pace

    New running schedule has moved tempo to Tuesday instead of wednesday. Over time this will pay dividends since I'll have one less recovery day after Sunday long runs before hitting the tempo wo... read more

  12. swim
    pull that buoy! 1600 yd 00:41 45:21 pace

    This was a fun swim that alllowed me some extended time with the pull buoy, which has been so good for my catch and pull. really worked on more efficient breathing too.

    Warm up
    • 2 x 100yd Any... read more

  13. RUN
    5th run day phase in 5 mi 01:01 12:11 pace

    week 2 of phasing in a fifth running day on a run 3 miles, walk 2 miles pattern

    • Jeff M.
      Jeff M.

      you'll be fine with a 5th day, just remember the 10% rule

      almost 8 years ago Like

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    • Jamison R.
      Jamison R.

      thanks gordon. i wasn't sure if you were using a galloway technique. i am really trying to break away from it myself, only walking .05 miles for every one. Having done Goofy with the injury, Galloway helped me through it, BUT it really messed with my brain about what my limitations were. Sorry for rambling... keep kicking ass!

      almost 8 years ago Like

    • Gordon H.
      Gordon H.

      rambling? no way. i love talking about running as much I love to run!

      almost 8 years ago Like