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  • 18 miles
  • 03:12 time
  • 2090 calories
  • 4 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. RUN
    good LH 5.51 mi 01:04 11:38 pace

    I felt only slightly sore in my abs attachment during downhill, but not nearly as bad as.last week. I took aspirin before my run and I wore my back brace which help stabilize my hips. Hoping I won&... read more

    • Mark S.
      Mark S.

      That's as good news as could hope for. I need to figure out which trial is upper and lower springboard. I know you run that one a lot. Nice.

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    • Mark S.
      Mark S.

      How about trail - not trial. You're not on trial.

      about 19 hours ago Like1 person

  2. RUN
    good gray Elliptical 8 mi 01:04 08:00 pace

    Started with 1min side planks and planks. Elliptical level 8 hill interval. Nice and sweaty. Slightly inflamed this morning.

  3. RUN
    injured PA 4.2 mi 00:33 07:58 pace

    Actually biked 10 miles atw setting hill level 8. I based the distance on how long it usually takes me to run that distance. No OP pain with cycling, but its still there. :'( Worked bi's... read more

    • Mark S.
      Mark S.

      At least good news on the no pain! And the cross training is great anyway. Looking back through my training log, I had an almost-pr just 10 weeks after taking 2 months with no running - just cross training back in 2012. That was back when I was wearing a boot. I bet you will come back super strong!

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    • Gina N.
      Gina N.

      Thanks Mark!!! I needed to hear that. :)

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  4. FIT
    injured PT exercises at home 00:30

    Feel sore in abdominal attachment and adductors. Texted Tony Johns. Not happy, but finally admitting I'm hurt. Atw lunges with 20 lbs. V ups/sit ups, short sits, push ups and side planks.

    • Mark S.
      Mark S.

      Aw so sorry. I'm looming forward to "no pain" posts!

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    • Mark S.
      Mark S.

      But you are being smart about it. Did Tony think you should stop for awhile or just cross train more instead of running?

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  5. RUN
    injured LH 8.15 mi 01:53 13:53 pace

    It was fun running in the dark and in the mud. It.would have been if my.leg and abs didn't hurt so.much. Especially downhill. I'm frustrated.

  6. RUN
    good 2nd run 5.5 mi 00:47 08:37 pace

    Felt less sore at Machias then at LH, but still sore. I pray this will get better without a shot.

  7. FIT
    good Hot yoga hatha 01:00

    Felt good!!

  8. RUN
    good gray elliptical 2.51 mi 00:18 07:14 pace

    Hill plus intervals level 6. Worked shoulders, chest, abbs, adds, upper back and abs prior. O.P sx getting better everyday. Prayers!!!!

  9. RUN
    good AA 6 mi

    Met Sherry for a 7am sunrise run. It was gorgeous outside. Our Garmin's weren't working, so not sure of mpm. Great run, and only slightly sore. Did planks, atw lunges, side planks, scorp... read more

    • Mark S.
      Mark S.

      Nice run! Now I hope you don't have any pain later on either. Nice workout.

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    • Angela G.
      Angela G.

      So pretty! Were the mountain tops sparkling like diamonds??? I miss that

      9 days ago Like

  10. RUN
    good F3 At Lord Hill 4.5 mi 00:51 11:23 pace

    Wonderful early run with some F3, trail edition folk. Took the temple loop, and had time to detour to the lookout for Will to get his first and last view from that viewpoint. Hoping he'll visi... read more

  11. RUN
    good F3 second run 6.04 mi 00:57 09:22 pace

    Took it nice and slow. Aidan and Adrian came out to Machias to run with Will. We had a great showing. So sad to see a fellow F3'er move, but we're so happy for him to be back with his fam... read more

    • Gina N.
      Gina N.

      *only mildly achy post run, so took an aspirin. I feel better now.

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    • Larry M.
      Larry M.

      Good to run with you today and glad to hear that you only had minor pain. Hopefully this will clear up and you will be back to full strength and get onto the business of training for Boston.

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  12. RUN
    good PA gray elliptical 3.01 mi 00:27 08:55 pace

    Hill plus setting level 10. Did a bunch of PT exercises prior to this. Side planks, 1 legged planks, jump lunges, hip rotation medial and lateral with resistance band. 3 sets of 10 push ups etc... ... read more

  13. RUN
    injured AA 6 mi 00:52 08:43 pace

    So frustrated!!! Not only do I feel like I have a low grade flu due to flu shot yesterday, but my.left leg/groin pain is back from the inflamed pubic bone. Its not as bad as it was when I had to st... read more

    • Tina Y.
      Tina Y.

      Good run though Gina. Praying for healing. Don't feel bad about cross training, you still work yourself hard. :-)

      18 days ago Like

    • Mark S.
      Mark S.

      Aw sorry! Take care of yourself! I know you know this - but take all the time you need to totally heal up. And cross training is fantastic. Heal up!

      17 days ago Like

    • Gina N.
      Gina N.

      Thanks you guys!!!

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  14. RUN
    good F3 fun! 13.16 mi 01:57 08:54 pace

    Started at 7:30am with a guy named Greg who is new to F3. He is friends with Megan and Rachel. Then we headed back to meet up.with 8am and 7am gang. Kendall and I split off and ran kick ass hill th... read more

  15. FIT
    good Hatha Hot

    You all missed out in all the excitement at hatha today. A sweet woman's back went out. She was doing the.dancer pose and dropped to her knees. I gave her ibuprofen, ice amd had her call her h... read more

  16. RUN
    good LH 5.3 mi 01:02 11:37 pace

    First run post 50k. Felt pretty good. Minimal O.P pain. Met Tony Johns for the run and he took us in some wacky muddy trails.with streams running down the middle. Never dull! Lol! Finished with pla... read more

  17. RUN
    good Orange stairclimb elliptical 5 mi 00:37 07:26 pace

    2min hill intervals setting 20 and 7. Pre.elliptical did 2 sets of 20 Aidans half sits, then one set of 30. 3 sets.10 push ups, side planks, and planks. 3 sets 6 atw lunges, and post elliptical did... read more

    • Larry M.
      Larry M.

      Phew is right. That looked to be a hard workout. I would like to find out how to do Aidans half sits. You mentioned it on facebook and I would like to try it.

      23 days ago Like

    • Shirley M.
      Shirley M.

      Wow, quite a workout! :) :)

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  18. FIT
    good PT @home 00:30

    Side planks, abs, push ups,clamshells, adductor rotations, one legged triple threats and dips. Good quick workout before work.

  19. RUN
    good Stationary bike 8.61 mi 00:30 03:29 pace

    Bike hill interval level 8. Around the world. Felt.good to move my legs again. Low back/osteitis sx seemed better. No running for another day. Finished with low back, adds, abds, and abs.

  20. RUN
    good F3 annual 50k 31.7 mi 04:44 08:57 pace

    We started out the run with a shot of fireball! You knew it was going to be a fun run after that. Lol! Other than a lot of black ice for the first 8miles it.was great! Had a little left adduc... read more