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  • 24 miles
  • 03:24 time
  • 2610 calories
  • 3 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. RUN
    great Between The Storms! 8 mi 01:10 08:43 pace

    (4:40 AM - 72° Humidity 82%) I squeezed these miles in between thunderstorms. Much of life is managed between the storms of life. We press on!
    Being less than honest with yourself or others on... read more

  2. RUN
    great Tuesday Tempo Tantrum! 8 mi 01:05 08:06 pace

    (4:45 AM - 71° - Humidity 97% - Acclimation Continues)
    You get out of yourself what you demand of yourself. It's nobody else's job to get the best YOU out of You.

  3. RUN
    great New Week, New Purpose! 8 mi 01:09 08:36 pace

    (4:40 AM - 71° - Humidity 97%)
    Live with authentic purpose. And you'll act with powerful focus.

  4. RUN
    Heat & Hills 8 mi 01:10 08:43 pace

    (6:30 AM - 77° - Humidity 90%) Hot run along the Riverwalk and Bridges.
    Think for a moment about how utterly ridiculous it is for you to let the little things get you down. Happy Saturday, m... read more

  5. RUN
    great Fabulous Friday ! 9 mi 01:20 08:53 pace

    (4:45 AM - 66°)
    When we only look at things from our point of view, we antagonize instead of harmonize.

  6. RUN
    great Eight To Acclimate!! 8 mi 01:08 08:28 pace

    (4:45 AM - 69° - Humidity 96%) It will take a few weeks to fully acclimate to our annual sauna, but it's worth it.
    I opened two very precious gifts 🎁 this morning; they were my eyes. Li... read more

  7. RUN
    great Nice and Easy! 7 mi 01:01 08:42 pace

    (4:40 AM - 67°) Easy Miles following yesterday's Tempo Run.
    One of the greatest causes of unhappiness is letting other people define what will make you happy.

  8. RUN
    great Tuesday's Tempo Tantrum!! 8 mi 01:05 08:06 pace

    (4:50 AM - 63°)
    Instead of letting a small number of difficulties grab all your attention, be aware of the much larger number of good things in your life.

  9. RUN
    great New Week! Let's Go!!! 8 mi 01:09 08:36 pace

    (4:40 AM - 65° - Humidity 96%)
    Beautiful, clear morning, but the humidity has returned to the Peninsula we call Florida. No excuse! We acclimate! We persevere! 😁
    Don't let negative... read more

  10. RUN
    Head For The Hills! 11 mi 01:33 08:27 pace

    (8:00 AM - 73°) 11 miles of bridges and beauty along Jacksonville's Riverfront.
    Your most treasured dream is just one moment away. For in one moment, you can be well on your way to maki... read more

  11. RUN
    great What A Beautiful Morning! 7 mi 01:00 08:36 pace

    (4:45 AM - 67°) A life of success comes from remaining steadfast to your own purpose and using, rather than being consumed by, the whims of circumstance.

  12. RUN
    great Thursday Triumph! 9 mi 01:15 08:20 pace

    (4:40 AM - 66°) Smoke from forest fires complicated this run a little, but it could always be worse. Through the haze, I could still see the bright, beautiful moon. Look through the haze of your li... read more

  13. RUN
    great Moonlight Madness!! 7 mi 01:02 08:53 pace

    (4:40 AM - 62°) Easy Miles under a marvelous full moon.
    Got a tough problem? Don’t run from it or wish it away. Do the life-changing work of transforming it into a blessing.

  14. RUN
    great This Is Tempo Tuesday! 8 mi 01:04 07:58 pace

    (4:45 AM - 57°) If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn’t sit for a month.

  15. RUN
    great New Week! New Willpower!!!! 8 mi 01:06 08:13 pace

    (4:40 AM - 56°). Fabulous start to a new Week, running in a brand new pair of my favorite running shoes: Adidas Adizero Boston 6.
    When you stop chasing the wrong things you give the right th... read more

  16. RUN
    great An Extraordinary Day! 3.1 mi 00:23 07:31 pace

    Running this Breast Cancer 5K Race is so special because of the incredible course and the incomparable cause. Although it was very windy and filled with rolling hills, I won my age group and had a ... read more

  17. Shared Photo

    All the Best!!!

  18. RUN
    great Easy Six! 6 mi 00:55 09:09 pace

    (4:50 AM - 67°) Tomorrow is the Breast Cancer 5K. We run the back 9 of the TPC Sawgrass Golf course. I love this race; the course is exquisite; the cause is extraordinary.
    Ungrateful people ... read more

  19. RUN
    great Simply Seven! 7 mi 00:58 08:19 pace

    (4:50 AM - 65°) Choose to seek out and enjoy the difficult challenges and you'll find yourself growing stronger with each one.

  20. RUN
    great A Winning Wednesday!!! 8 mi 01:04 07:58 pace

    (4:40 AM - 55°) Yesterday, I enjoyed a 30-mile ride on my favorite local trail. Cycling helps me recover like nothing else. Along with a solid night's rest, it refreshed my legs. What a run ... read more

    • Steve T.
      Steve T.

      Hmmm. Seems like it should be forged "from", not "against", then again I've never said anything famous.

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    • Petite
      Petite You're an Inspiration
      You're an Inspiration:

      Extra sleep is divine, and perfect crosstraining of choice too Darrell star. You train like a pro in my book.

      21 days ago

    • Luna

      It's great to feel refreshed and ready to enjoy a run!!

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