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Run a half marathon && a sub 28 5k this year, 2012, and get in better shape and live healthier!

Wall of Motivation (10)

  1. Nita M.
      Post a workout!

    I miss following your training!

  2. Ernest S.
      Nice Job

    Great HM distance and workout!!!! on a workout

  3. Alfred H.

    Great ride, Georgiana! on a workout

  4. Alfred H.

    Awesome double digit run, Georgiana! on a workout

  5. Brojen N.
      Great Performance

    Really nice that you got negative splits. Great job done. Am sure you can do ... read more

  6. Werner
      Great Performance

    Awesome! Have a great day too \m/ on a workout

  7. Anil S Kadsur
      Nice Job

    good run there..... on a workout

  8. Alfred H.

    Great run, Georgiana! Keep hitting those hills! on a workout

  9. Brojen N.
      Great Performance

    Oh yeah. This is the fun of being outdoor. Every run matters to us. Keep it u... read more

  10. Brojen N.
      Nice Job

    Very nice ride. All this cross training is gonna aid up in getting the muscle... read more