7047 total / 31 in 2019

Run as much as I can, enter marathons in other states, and to inspire others to do the same.

Friends (48)

  • Tracy W.

    Tracy W.

    Milton, GA, Just keep running ...

  • Tri-M-Stables


    Tallahassee, FL, save up enough for the Double Ironman race in Tampa. Race the DRC races in 2018

  • Andrea G.

    Andrea G.

    Parkland, FL,

  • Lisagnv


    Gainesville, FL, 13.1 under 10 minute mile avg pace, squat heavier than I weigh.

  • Shari I.

    Shari I.

    Boynton Beach, FL, Run a half marathon in under 2:00:00; Someday qualify for Boston!!!

  • Damaris R.

    Damaris R.

    Miami, FL, Getting back to running post-surgery.

  • Marcia P.

    Marcia P.

    Dartmouth, MA, To heal my damaged heart with exercise and to keep on moving...

  • Chris S.

    Chris S.

    Delray Beach, FL,

  • James S.

    James S.

    Colorado Springs, CO, Reaching for new heights in the mountains of CO. Maniac# 3499

  • Kelli


    US, Sub 22:00-5k, current pr 23:16, One 5k a month, 3:35 BQ someday!

  • Aisling R.

    Aisling R.

    Boulder, CO, >25H 100M (race 2/4/17), >10H 50M >6H 50K, >4H Marathon, >2H HM, 15% Body Fat.

  • Mary P

    Mary P

    Ocala, FL,

  • Becky C.

    Becky C.

    Colorado Springs, CO, I've finished 4 marathons, working on getting back out into the running world :)

  • Tami C.

    Tami C.

    Chesterton, IN, I'm BAAAAACK! Training for my 3rd Marathon on my Birthday January 17th!!

  • Angie W.

    Angie W.

    Gainesville, FL, Just had a baby. Need to get fit again. Marathon PR: 5:29:33 Half PR: 2:34:44 10K PR: 1:12:16 8K PR: 1:00:08 5K PR: 35:57

  • Chris D.
  • Fat Slow Tri

    Fat Slow Tri

    Valrico, FL, 2015 is a reboot year, with the Central Florida Tri Series, Crystal River Series, and St. A all being sprints, and two RnR Half Mary's in DC and Savannah.

  • Brandon A.

    Brandon A.

    Miami, FL, Get Faster ,Get Stronger

  • Percy D.

    Percy D.

    Grand Rapids, MI, ride my bike to work every day to run more but not counting miles just time.

  • Michelle S.

    Michelle S.

    Lansing, MI, finish out the season strong after a lot of rough races

  • Robb B.

    Robb B.

    Thousand Oaks, CA, All about completing Javalina Jundred on November 1st.

  • Kevin B.

    Kevin B.

    Raleigh, NC, Run 3:30 marathon, place top 25 age group in Ironman 70.3, finish Ironman Kona, drink great craft beer & have fun!

  • Jennifer Davis T.

    Jennifer Davis T.

    , Get into better shape for more 1/2 Marathons and Full Marathons!

  • Elizabeth


    Fort Lauderdale, FL, Speed Baby! Disney Marathon 2015 (my 10th, was my 1st) 3xs Boston Finisher :) PR Marathon 3:31:58 Goal: Break >> 3:30:00 5K Goal >>> 20:59 or less.

  • Genevieve


    Boston, MA, To live a healthy life- When the mind is backed by will miracles happen. Run a sub-4 hour marathon run a 1:38 half. Qualify for the Boston Marathon.