Wall of Motivation (65)

  1. Amy
      Nice Job

    wow - great pace after drinking! on a workout

  2. Casey Q.
      Nice Job

    Too cold? This is the warmer part of the coming week! Tomorrow is good and th... read more

  3. Jane S.
      Great Performance

    Your awesome. I love trail running. I wish the half I'm running in Nov. was a... read more

  4. Jane S.
      You're an Inspiration

    Tom that is a great run. If your slow what the heck am I lol. Don't be so har... read more

  5. Jane S.
      You're an Inspiration

    Once again your speed amazes me. My achilles would snap in half. on a workout

  6. Marc T.
      Great Performance

    Your ass must be getting better... on a workout

  7. Marc T.
      Get Better

    fix your Ass!

  8. Jane S.
      You're an Inspiration

    Awesome. on a workout

  9. Chris B.
      Great Performance

    Astounding run Tom!! on a workout

  10. Ross C.
      Great Performance

    wow! that's fast! on a workout

  11. Jane S.
      Get Better

    Well done. on a workout

  12. Chris B.
      Great Performance

    Awesome marathon steller work Tom!! on a workout

  13. Chris B.
      Nice Job

    Grandious work today Tom !!! on a workout

  14. Chris B.
      Nice Job

    Fantastic work Tom !! on a workout

  15. Jane S.
      Great Performance

    I'm going to say it anyway, freakin awesome 83 miles Tom. on a workout

  16. Chris B.
      Great Performance

    Super run anyhow great 83 miler,Tom nice run!! on a workout

  17. Ross C.
      Nice Job

    wow! you're very fast. on a workout

  18. Chris B.
      Nice Job

    Marvelous 10 miler stellar pace today,Tom!!! on a workout

  19. Chris B.
      Nice Job

    Had a miracle run today,Tom super 10 miler never question a speedy recovery!!! on a workout

  20. Chris B.
      Great Performance

    Super work,Tom sound like a stellar day!!! on a workout

  21.   You're an Inspiration

    Awesome speed! on a workout

  22. Jane S.
      Nice Job

    Awesome 8 Tom. My legs usually don't loosen up until the 3rd. mile. on a workout

  23. Chris B.
      Nice Job

    Tom great run & stellar week so far.......Nicely done!!! on a workout

  24. Jane S.
      You're an Inspiration

    Wow Tom, stellar indeed. A great week for you. on a workout

  25. Chris B.
      Great Performance

    Stellar work,Tom!!!! on a workout

  26. Jane S.
      You're an Inspiration

    The long days you work + putting in the miles is outstanding. on a workout

  27. Chris B.
      Nice Job

    Awesome 16 miler,Tom.......Great pace!!! on a workout

  28. Pappy
      You're Badass

    Hey Tom if I logged this run I'd feel good about it for the rest of my life. on a workout

  29. Dave N.
      Great Performance

    Excellent run!!!! on a workout

  30. Godfather
      You're an Inspiration

    Awesome run/pace on a workout

  31. Godfather
      You're an Inspiration

    I really appreciate you pacing me this morning. I was thinking of 2 Derby lo... read more

  32. Mark C.
      Great Performance

    Crap that is fast!!!! on a workout

  33. Dave N.
      Great Performance

    Holy buckets...look at that pace!! on a workout

  34.   You're an Inspiration

    6:30 pace over nine miles! not sure how any of it could have been slow! on a workout

  35.   You're Funny

    You could always drink up and run home! on a workout

  36.   Nice Job

    Hello Mr. HL24! I can't wait to run your race but I think I'll have to wait a... read more

  37.   You're an Inspiration

    I am always impressed! on a workout

  38.   You're an Inspiration

    inhuman! gazelle like beast! on a workout

  39. Mark C.
      Nice Job

    Retiring yeah right.... see you at LV! on a workout

  40.   Get Better

    More fast miles from the GAZELLE in the heat. on a workout

  41.   You're Funny

    I'm looking forward to some beer recovery today, followed by the inevitable b... read more

  42. Pappy
      Feel Better

    take care Tom on a workout

  43.   Good Luck

    good thing you can just run away from them you are so damn fast! on a workout

  44.   You're Funny

    you are sick!!!! on a workout

  45.   You're an Inspiration

    Amen Brother! on a workout

  46. Pappy
      Get Better

    You will. on a workout

  47.   You're an Inspiration

    Don't take this the wrong way but I am completely impressed by the way that y... read more

  48.   You're an Inspiration

    nothing like Sunday morning church! on a workout

  49.   You're an Inspiration

    DAMN FAST! on a workout

  50.   You're Funny

    I think he said drink more so you can run more, carbs a good for you... on a workout