Friends (115)

  • Michael H.

    Michael H.

    Olathe, KS,

  • Stephanie H.
  • Lisa S.

    Lisa S.

    Cambridge, MA, Finish my second marathon in 2014 and run a 1/2 marathon for charity.

  • Tammy W.

    Tammy W.

    Pecos, TX, Be kind to myself and others! Running helps do both!

  • Bari F.

    Bari F.

    Grand Rapids, MI, In 2014 I vow to race less and with fewer injuries. Going to set 2 lofty goals only: 1/2 marathon in under 2 hours and full marathon in under 5 hours.

  • Sharla W.

    Sharla W.

    Seattle, WA, actually record my running/remember to cross train

  • Suzi S.

    Suzi S.

    Syracuse, NY, Weight loss/gain/loss success story. Recovering alcoholic. Marathoner. Overall badass.

  • Cassie E.

    Cassie E.

    Billings, MT, My goals are to get fit and healthy, lose 90 pounds (70 to go!), run a half marathon this summer, and prove my junior high gym teachers wrong.

  • J-Lo


    Lowell, MA, Complete a 1/2 marathon by the years end

  • Tracy S.

    Tracy S.

    Toronto, ON,

  • Alisha H.

    Alisha H.

    Columbia, SC, To get back to feeling like a runner.

  • Kim


    Cincinnati, OH,

  • Maria B.

    Maria B.

    Cranberry Township, PA, Finishing the Pittsburgh Half Marathon in May

  • P Mark T.

    P Mark T.

    Knoxville, TN, In the Near Future: Sub-5 mile; 1:20 Half; Sub 3 marathon----------------------------- Lifetime Running Goal: to run 10 x 1 mile repeats at 5 minute pace

  • Laurie M.

    Laurie M.

    AB, CA, 2014 goals: A Spartan race, Mud Hero, and hopefully at least one more obstacle/mud race plus some (TBD) road races :)

  • Janice S.

    Janice S.

    Milton, ON, To qualify for the 2016 Boston Marathon and to complete a 1/2 Ironman triathlon in July 2015.

  • Colleen


    US, Lost 120# and finished my first 100 miler. BQ 2x and now working on the bucket list of ultras. Crazy in love with ultra running and my life! Gluten free vegan!

  • Kp K.

    Kp K.

    Columbus, OH, To break 3:00 in a Marathon.

  • Sarah L.

    Sarah L.

    Tolland, CT,

  • Becky C.

    Becky C.

    Las Vegas, NV, Lose 100lbs, become an Ultra Runner :)

  • Chris


    Dallas, TX, 2013 miles in 2013. Keeping 130 pounds lost - lost for good!

  • Jessie



  • Theodora B.

    Theodora B.

    New York, NY, Runner, wannabe triathlete. No current goals - just to avoid burnout and have fun!

  • Adrienne O.

    Adrienne O.

    Arroyo Grande, CA, To walk/swim 150 miles from July 2014-Dec 31 2014

  • Barefoot J.

    Barefoot J.

    England, United Kingdom, GB, Started my journey at 275lbs, I lost 100 lbs but had a slight regain. I am now a participant on a local Biggest Loser challenge. Will hit goal of 133 lb in 2014