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To get back to running and finish the 2013 Disney World 1/2 Marathon.

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  • Jason S.

    Jason S.

    Springdale, AR, local 5k's and 10k's as well as going to do the Goofy Challenge at WDW in 2011.

  • Mike M.

    Mike M.

    Dallas, TX, Rev3 Knoxville Half Rev, Rev3 Portland Half Rev, Rev3 Cedar Point Full Rev. Stay healthy and get stronger in all disciplines. Sub 6:00 70.3. Sub 12:00 IM.

  • Helen N.

    Helen N.

    , To prove to myself and to others that I can walk and be athletic. To be healthy and get more flexibility and tone in my body.

  • Jessica A.

    Jessica A.

    Marietta, GA, More marathons and more half marathons!

  • Stacy D.

    Stacy D.

    Perrysburg, OH, To be better than the day before, to always be progressing, and never doubt myself.

  • Ted B.

    Ted B.

    Anchorage, AK, Not break anything, and run for fun :)

  • Alberto


    Tijuana, MX,

  • Nicole A.

    Nicole A.

    Cocoa, FL, do a few more 1/2 marathons this year, and eventually another full marathon

  • Michael A.

    Michael A.

    Bluffton, SC, Running the 2012 Disney Marathon to raise money for the Week of Champions.

  • Rob B.

    Rob B.

    Hanford, CA, For 2011, run 1400 miles, and only run races for fun...

  • Albert T.

    Albert T.

    Nashville, TN, staying in shape and keeping up with my running goals. I always try to have a race on the horizon to keep me motivated.

  • Jennifer


    Huntsville, AL, Well - I ran my first Marathon so I need a new goal...maybe shooting for a sub 2 half...we'll see :)

  • Trey B.

    Trey B.

    Atlanta, GA, Lone Ranger Ultramarathon and the Disney World Half Marathon 2011

  • Adam R.

    Adam R.

    , Wine and Dine Half Marathon Walt Disney World, FL.

  • Tacey A.

    Tacey A.

    ON, CA, 50 races by my 50th birthday

  • Josh G.

    Josh G.

    Charlestown, MA, Improve fitness/overall health. Stress relief. 2010 Races: Run Vermont City Marathon, Falmouth Sprint Triathlon, Falmouth RR, "Fall" 26.2, Goofy Challenge 2011

  • Deb W.

    Deb W.

    , Disneyland Half Marathon 9/5/2010 and WDW Half Marathon 1/8/11

  • Running Q.
  • Meredith


    Virginia Beach, VA, a weight loss of 110 lbs. to be healthier & happier. Inspire my kids to make the better choices.