Wall of Motivation (21)

  1. Andrew T.
      You're an Inspiration

    Your really logging some nice miles! on a workout

  2. Andrew T.
      Great Performance

    Awesome time! on a workout

  3. Andrew T.
      Post a workout!


  4. Andrew T.
      Good Luck

    Well done! 13mi is long ways, good luck! on a workout

  5. Carrie
      Nice Job

    Loved this morning! on a workout

  6. Carrie
      Nice Job

    Excellent! on a workout

  7. Becca H.
      Great Performance

    You did great! The mud was a challenge, but it was such a beautiful morning. ... read more

  8. Andrew P.
      Good Luck

    Nice run, way to shave off the time. You will do great on Sat. on a workout

  9. Carrie
      Nice Job

    That's why I like trails too! on a workout

  10. Carrie
      Nice Job

    It has been great weather! on a workout

  11. Carrie
      Nice Job

    I slept through the loveliest part of the weather and now wish I had gotten u... read more

  12. Carrie
      Nice Job

    New shoes are always fun! on a workout

  13. Andrew P.
      Nice Job

    Great job. I is always nice to reach a new level. Keep it up. on a workout

  14. Andrew T.

    28 miles last week damn man, good job on a workout

  15. Andrew T.
      Great Performance

    Awesome run! on a workout

  16. Alex B.
      Nice Job

    Sounds like perfect weather. You normally try to get your runs in the morning? on a workout

  17. Alex B.
      Nice Job

    Yea, usually I run at 85% my max HR. on a workout

  18. Alex B.
      Nice Job

    Walking is better than just sitting all day. on a workout

  19. Andrew P.
      Good Luck

    You can make the low 25's. Just believe and push. I can't believe how much ... read more

  20. Andrew T.
      You're an Inspiration

    wish i could muster the will power to run in the morning on a workout

  21. Andrew T.
      Nice Job

    Awesome job :) on a workout