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  • Di K.

    Di K.

    , Discovered my love of running in the last 1-2 years. Now, I'm chasing a healthy body, mind & spirit one mile at a time.

  • Emily


    Watertown, NY, To become more healthy & fit. This page will track my cardio workouts.

  • Kate


    Toronto, ON,

  • Ayesha B.

    Ayesha B.

    Hampton, VA, to not die of preventable diseases by reaching a reasonable weight and become a leaner, meaner athlete.

  • Brittany


    Hagerstown, MD, 9x Halfer, One 26.2 2018: Get back into running after almost 4 years of not running. Eventually run my 10th half marathon, and 2nd full.

  • Shannon C.

    Shannon C.

    Orlando, FL, Training for multiple half marathons and other races. #FitFluential & #SweatPink Ambassador. Half Fanatic #3614. Marathons: 3 Half Marathons: 10

  • Andrea M.

    Andrea M.

    Orlando, FL, 2014 WDW Marathon

  • Kelly E.

    Kelly E.

    Chester Springs, PA, Marathon.

  • Sasha B.

    Sasha B.

    CT, 2016 (so far): NYC Half Star Wars Dark Side Half

  • Diane


    Rochester, NY,

  • Dutch D.

    Dutch D.

    Framingham, MA, To be better than I am...

  • Tracy S.

    Tracy S.

    Toronto, ON,

  • Janice S.

    Janice S.

    Milton, ON, To increase lean muscle mass and decrease body fat percentage.

  • Rhonda-Marie P.

    Rhonda-Marie P.

    Kitchener ON, To Run Happy!

  • Todd


    Central, SC, Just to keep running :)

  • Bari F.

    Bari F.

    Grand Rapids, MI, In 2016 I just want to run healthy and maybe throw in some fun races with friends. First up - the Donna Breast Cancer (half) Marathon in Jacksonville, FL.

  • Marc S.

    Marc S.

    Epping, NH, Just running for fun. Blog: Twitter: @MynameisMarc

  • Teresa A.

    Teresa A.

    Washington, DC, Changes on a daily basis...

  • Kate C.

    Kate C.

    Washington, DC,

  • Jamie D.

    Jamie D.

    Teays Valley, WV, To be happy and healthy, regardless of what the scale says.

  • The Lumberjack

    The Lumberjack

    King George, VA, To run. Then to run some more.

  • Amanda J.

    Amanda J.

    Pittsburgh, PA, Get into Police Academy (✓) Run 5k (✓) Sprint Tri(✓) 6.2(✓) 13.1(✓) Graduate Police Academy, (✓) , be the police (✓) 26.2, OLY Tri, 70.3, 104.6

  • Amanda R.

    Amanda R.

    Denver, CO, After a couple years focused on the marathon, I am now determined to work on speed and see some drops in my half marathon time.

  • Jessie



  • Mindy


    Grand Rapids, MI, The year of the 96.5: the Bayshore Marathon and the 70.3 IRONMAN Steelhead! Bring it on!