Friends (7)

  • Ben T.

    Ben T.

    Harrison, NJ, Long term: 50 states by May 2015. Short term: Have fun.

  • Vania


    New York, NY, Big Sur Marathon 2013. NYCM 2013. Add some more speed work and be happy about it.

  • Steven L.

    Steven L.

    New York, NY,

  • Kino


    New York, NY, Run a sub-4 marathon in all 50 states (done). Run a BQ marathon (need to shave off 5:12). Run 100 sub-4 marathons (25 left). Run all 7 continents (2 left).

  • Daiki N.

    Daiki N.

    Ridgefield Park, NJ, Sub 4 hour marathon and logging in at least 100 miles a month

  • Yoshiko


    Philadelphia, PA, Finish my second 100 mile race, NJ 100 on March.

  • Jason W.

    Jason W.

    US, Metta World Peace