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  • 4 miles
  • 00:37 time
  • 497 calories
  • 1 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. RUN
    great 4 mi 00:37 09:15 pace

    Went for a short, easy, recovery run after yesterday's race. Had to do it after mowing the yard (so I got in 2 workouts-push mowing is a workout isn't it?). Legs were not as sore as I t... read more

  2. RUN
    great 3.1 mi 00:23 07:25 pace

    Ran the race I have run every year since I got back into running. 18th year in a row at the #ChalestonDogwoodAzalea5K. Not my fastest time, not my slowest time, but a good time nonetheless. Even... read more

  3. RUN
    alright 1 mi 00:09:00 09:00 pace

    Warm up mile before my race. Very windy day for a race.

  4. RUN
    alright 4 mi 00:37 09:15 pace

    Went out for a short, slow run to loosen up my legs. Have my 17th Annual Charleston Dogwood Azalea 5K tomorrow. I won't run as fast as I usually do (foot problems), but I cannot break my str... read more

  5. RUN
    great 5.65 mi 00:50 08:52 pace

    Needed this run after a long, tense week at work. I can tell the school year is coming to a close (people get a bit more wound tight as the end approaches). Got this run in while at my son's ... read more

  6. RUN
    7 mi 01:04 09:08 pace

    Got to get in a little longer than usual run. Such a beautiful afternoon. Temps were great, sky was overcast, and roads were pretty clear of cars. Glad I got it in, now off take my wife for birthd... read more

  7. RUN
    3 mi 00:27 09:00 pace

    Got home from work tonight at 8:30, and usually I don't run on Tuesdays but got in a short one tonight. Weather was nice, legs and foot felt fine, and run was good (still not fast, but good).... read more

  8. RUN
    tired 5 mi

    That run was horrible. Enough said. On to tomorrow.

  9. RUN
    tired 5 mi 00:46 09:11 pace

    Went for a post-work run. Worst run in a while. Legs were dead, feet hurt, and mentally I was drained. Glad that got done.

  10. RUN
    tired 5 mi

    Hot/Humid run right after a day of ACT testing at school. That wore me out more than my actual teaching does. Run was brutally tough. Off to see HOME.

  11. RUN
    alright 5 mi 00:46 09:11 pace

    Went for my run today while my son practiced baseball. Running around the baseball complex can be rather dull. On top of that, the high temps (78F) and high humidity made it tough. Still in cold... read more

  12. RUN
    great 4.51 mi 00:35 07:48 pace

    Squeezed in a run between church and Easter Dinner. Foot flared up a bit, but not has bad as it has over the past 2 months. Now time for a nap....going fall into a food coma after all the ham and... read more

  13. RUN
    great 6 mi 00:53 08:50 pace

    Visiting family and snuck in a run while my sons played wiggle ball with their aunts and uncles. Beautiful day. Run woke me up, wanted to take a nap and went on a run instead.

  14. RUN
    great 7 mi 01:04 09:10 pace

    Day off from work, so dinner with my son to celebrate my 12 YOs birthday and followed it up with a run between thunderstorms. Ran a bit slow, but got it in. Now maybe time for some snacks and a b... read more

  15. RUN
    alright 4 mi

    Took off for a late evening run. Was way too tired to run right after work. Ran after going to dinner with the family. Only got in 4 miles, about all my legs could handle....and all I could fit ... read more

  16. RUN
    great 7.05 mi 01:05 09:13 pace

    2 Days in a row got in 7 mile runs. 2 out of 3 days I got to run a mile with my sweetie. Such a beautiful day for a run. warm, no breeze and sunlight shown on me the whole run. So great.

  17. RUN
    great 7.02 mi 01:04 09:05 pace

    I was falling asleep on the couch watching Duke beat Gonzaga (not because the game was boring, but because I was worn out), so I went for a run. 60F temps, slight wind, nice run in shorts. Best m... read more

  18. RUN
    5 mi

    Nice night for a run. Went out with my wife for the first mile. Continued on to run 4 more. Nice ending to a day spent in a gym watching some AAU basketball.

  19. RUN
    alright 5 mi 00:44 08:48 pace

    Went out for a post-work run. Temps cooler than they have been lately, but not bad. Wind was brutal though. I am worn out. Time for a nap.

  20. RUN
    good 5 mi 00:45 09:00 pace

    Another beautiful day for a run. As is the case most days now, that 1st mile is very slow as I work out all the kinks in my body. Got in my last run in shorts and a r-shirt for a little while as ... read more