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  • 93 miles
  • 10:39 time
  • 6638 calories
  • 9 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. swim
    great AC 2000 m 00:43 34:28 pace

    Swimming after a long run is like a magic reset button for my legs, I swear. I feel so much better now!

  2. RUN
    great Northshore/Townsend 28.3 km 02:44 09:19 pace

    9k solo, then 19k with Sam J. and Ivanka Y. Run felt about as good as I could expect given the cycling I've done for the last two days, so I'm pretty happy with it overall. And the compan... read more

  3. VELO
    great TR - Spruce Knob 36.8 km 01:30 15.2mph pace

    2 x 30 minute sweet spot? Y U hate me, trainerroad? Nice to get this done in the afternoon, though, while the kids made brownies. Useful children, I like this!

  4. swim
    great Tansley Woods 2000 m 00:42 33:31 pace

    Easy swim to complete the reverse tri for the day (and stretch out a bit). Normally I wouldn't swim that late, but I missed swim this morning and I'm home with the kids tomorrow and don&#... read more

  5. VELO
    great TR - Galena 37.5 km 01:30 15.5mph pace

    You know a trainer ride is hard when halfway through I shut off Netflix and switch to my 'angry trainer music' playlist. 3x20 minute sweet spot. Felt pretty solid throughout; no doubt I c... read more

  6. RUN
    great Escarpment trail 9.6 km 00:57 09:29 pace

    EZ run up the escarpment trail at lunch. Nice out there!

  7. RUN
    great Comedy of errors interval run 8.6 km 00:52 09:44 pace

    At least the temperature was great! But this run was sort of a mess. First I started the wrong workout, then when I picked the right one it turned out I'd programmed in the wrong number of rep... read more

  8. VELO
    great TR - Shasta 22.7 km 01:00 14.1mph pace

    Tuesday night VO2 max, hooray! 7 x 20 seconds all out. So much fun to go from 0 to 'I really might puke' in under 20 seconds. :D

  9. swim
    great AC 2100 m 00:42 32:19 pace

    Really good swim this morning. Just felt like my stroke was really working. Water bottle guy was back, so I didn't scare him off forever, but I noticed he had no water bottle with him today. H... read more

  10. swim
    great AC 2100 m 00:43 32:42 pace

    Rounding out the week. Looking forward to the rest day tomorrow! Going to have to pack an extra large lunch for work I suspect. :D

  11. RUN
    great Northshore 25 km 02:26 09:24 pace

    I was really not sure how this run was going to feel after yesterday's bike ride. My tri club run distance was 16k, so I started early and ran 9k solo first before I met up with the group. I k... read more

  12. RUN
    great Brick run 7.7 km 00:43 09:02 pace

    That wind today suuuuuuuuucks. Blows. Whatever. Jello legs in the first km and I overdressed, but once my legs decided to cooperate this was pretty good. That headwind at the end, though. Ouch!

  13. VELO
    great TR - Big Mountain 71.1 km 03:00 14.7mph pace

    What, doesn't everyone start their Saturday with 3 hours on the trainer? you know you are getting silly when partway through Netflix is all 'hey, you still watching this?'. Yes, Netf... read more

  14. RUN
    great 8.2 km 00:46 09:05 pace

    Quick run to Princess Point and back. That wind is cold today, but fortunately I was mostly not running into it.

  15. VELO
    great TR - Tray Mountain 37.1 km 01:30 15.4mph pace

    Forgot to post this yesterday. 3x20 minute sweet spot. Friday night fun.

  16. VELO
    great TR - Phoenix 38.3 km 01:30 15.9mph pace

    1:15 of tempo to kick off what's going to be a 'fun' three days on the bike. Building that base!

  17. swim
    great AC 1900 m 00:42 35:34 pace

    Nothing exciting happening at the pool this morning, which is good but that means no fun stories. I have to be out of the water at 6:15 so I can be home in time for my husband to leave for work, wh... read more

  18. RUN
    great Tempo run 11 km 00:58 08:33 pace

    Late in the day because I got caught in work stuff earlier. It happens. 8k @ 5:10, was in the right ballpark the whole time, although I did stop halfway through to check for an important phone mess... read more

  19. VELO
    great TR - Haku 22.5 km 01:00 14.0mph pace

    The return of VO2 max. 6 x 20 second all out efforts to ease back into it. Fun stuff!

  20. swim
    great AC 1900 m 00:38 32:30 pace

    Good swim. Can't complain. Kinda wish I'd checked the total distance and realized I was that close to 2000 before I got out of the pool, though!