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  • 84 miles
  • 08:22 time
  • 5177 calories
  • 7 workouts
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  1. swim
    great Angela Coughlan 2100 m 00:49 37:14 pace

    Great feeling swim! Glad I talked myself off the couch. Pool was crowded but everyone shared nicely, so it was all good.

  2. RUN
    #530amrunclub 15.05 km 01:25 09:04 pace

    OMG you guys I ran with Amy D. !! So so happy to see her again, it's been forever. Good company made this run just fly by (except that last stretch getting back to Guelph Line, where I swear i... read more

  3. RUN
    great Chedoke 9.29 km 00:52 09:04 pace

    Lunch run up the Chedoke hill and trail (and then back down, weeeeeeeeeeeeee!). Next training plan starts next week, so I won't be doing that route again for a while - steep climbs aren't... read more

  4. VELO
    great Getting aero 36.7 km 01:17 17.7mph pace

    Half day off today but I have to call into a meeting this afternoon so decided to take some of my off time this morning and hit the road for a bit. One of the usual routes up Cedar Springs and over... read more

  5. swim
    great Angela Coughlan 1850 m 00:42 36:46 pace

    Early swim. It was nice, but what I'm really looking forward is to getting out on my bike a little later on this morning!

  6. RUN
    great #5amrunclub 9.1 km 00:52 09:07 pace

    Scarcely even knew what to do with all my free time last night, what with not having any trainer workout to do! Mostly ended up trying to figure out what the heck I did with my heart rate monitor a... read more

  7. VELO
    great Victoria Day group ride 60.5 km 02:25 15.6mph pace

    So lovely to do a group ride with Ivanka Y. Kimberley W. Irina S. Zindine S. and my friend Janice who I haven't seen in forever, and to meet her friend Jason. It was way hotter and more humid ... read more

  8. VELO
    great 8DC - stage 8. DONE. 31 km 01:05 17.8mph pace

    And that's it for my 8 day tour of California, where I never once left the basement. This last one was pretty intense with approximately 1 billion short sprints, but manageable. You know you a... read more

  9. swim
    great Angela Coughlan Pool 2150 m 00:49 36:40 pace

    Swimming is definitely the best recovery workout. Tired legs feeling much better after that!

  10. VELO
    great TR - 8DC Stage 7 45.5 km 01:40 17.0mph pace

    I knew this was going to be interesting, since it's the most difficult stage of the challenge and oh yeah I ran a 5k PB this morning. Great timing on that. But I figured if the first part didn... read more

  11. RUN
    great MEC Burlington 5k 5 km 00:24 07:52 pace

    Oh right, 5ks HURT. Ran this one with my husband acting as my pacer, which was great except his cheerful encouragement in the last km (where I was hating everyone and everything) kind of made me wa... read more

  12. RUN
    great Warm up 1.5 km 00:08:07 08:42 pace

    left the start of the warmup a little late, I would have liked to have done 3k, but it is what it is!

  13. RUN
    great Brick-ish run 2.4 km 00:13:55 09:19 pace

    My husband wasn't home so the kids came with me on bikes/rollerblades. A lot of stopping and restarting happening (actual elapsed time was something like 20 minutes!), but they had a good time... read more

  14. VELO
    great 8DC - stage 6 (time trial) 21.1 km 00:50 15.7mph pace

    Six stages done, 2 to go - and most fun, tomorrow I get a rest day. My legs are happy about that. This one wasn't too bad. Held the 20 minutes at threshold without any problems, but I am still... read more

    • Irina S.
      Irina S.

      I'm so impressed!! You're a machine!

      10 days ago Like

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    • Sam J.
      Sam J.

      Don't get too good on that bike or else we'll never be able to keep up with you!

      9 days ago Like

    • Pierre M.
      Pierre M.

      Just looked up your MEC race for tomorrow, it sounds great, I'm sorry to miss it. Have fun! The photo on the MEC page is pretty funny though, I haven't seen such a miserable bunch for a while.

      9 days ago Like

  15. swim
    great Just keep swimmin' 1550 m 00:34 35:38 pace

    For some odd reason, I can't imagine why, my legs weren't feeling entirely cooperative today. So did this all pull, channeling my inner Dory. Got into a really nice groove, wish I'd ... read more

  16. VELO
    great 8DC - Stage 5 34.9 km 01:20 16.3mph pace

    For the first 30 minutes I wasn't sure I was going to make it through this stage, but it got easier as I went (in fact the last 20 minutes was almost leisurely, at least compared to some of th... read more

  17. VELO
    great 8DC - stage 4. Four more to go! 33.6 km 01:15 16.7mph pace

    Halfway through this crazy challenge. Feeling the building fatigue in the legs more tonight, that's for sure, but I made it through the various sprints and climbs without having to reduce the ... read more

  18. swim
    alright Dalewood 1200 m 00:28 36:59 pace

    Meh. This swim started great (swimming once over the weekend really did help with maintaining 'feel' for the water I think), but got increasingly more annoying as the various other pool p... read more

    • Amy D.
      Amy D.

      Ugh, sounds super annoying. Nice job though!

      12 days ago Like

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    • Barb G.
      Barb G.

      training with flippers? that seems like cheating! ;)

      12 days ago Like

    • Pierre M.
      Pierre M.

      Just wait until you have to swim through floating flocks of pool noodles, floater boards, and the like, as I usually have to at my pool. Drives me nuts. Nice 1200m!

      11 days ago Like

  19. VELO
    great 8DC - Stage 3 39.5 km 01:30 16.4mph pace

    3rd of 8 stages; longest one yet. In some ways easier since it had longer breaks than the first two stages, but the work intervals were plenty hard! Total fail on the final sprint - there was a lot... read more

  20. RUN
    great Short brick run 2.29 km 00:12:42 08:55 pace

    Got off the bike, swapped my bike shoes for running shoes, and did a short run. My legs hated this more than they've ever hated anything for the first km, then settled down a bit. But I was gl... read more