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Complete the MDH 100 in August on my 3rd attepmt Shoot 1,000 arrows by September 1st. Trap a fisher with a 160 conibear. Eat wings.

Wall of Motivation (77)

  1. Martin S.
      You're Funny

    Fun! on a workout

  2. Nicole B.
      Feel Better

    Sounds like a good call! on a workout

  3. Nicole B.
      Nice Job

    Great work coach!! on a workout

  4. Cailee P.
      Nice Photos

    I just noticed your profile picture was you chopping onions and i thought it ... read more

  5. Nicole B.
      Nice Job

    Booya! I have that same love-hate with weights - somewhere in there is the ri... read more

  6. Nicole B.
      Nice Job

    Hooray for stuff that works!! on a workout

  7. Nicole B.
      Nice Job

    So what's in your bike weights? Is it a lot different than running weights? I... read more

  8. Nicole B.
      Nice Job

    I don't remember ever seeing carts at my meets, but then again girls are defi... read more

  9. Nicole B.
      Nice Job

    I want all of my workouts to end in beer and pizza too! :) on a workout

  10. Nicole B.

    Amazing badassness! on a workout

  11. Nicole B.
      Good Luck

    GOOD LUCK! Crush it! on a workout

  12. Nicole B.
      Nice Job

    How many weeks do you have left? I'd say knock out a 50 this weekend and call... read more

  13. Nicole B.
      Nice Job

    Good call on the gear test! on a workout

  14. Nicole B.
      You're an Inspiration

    Sorry we couldn't make it!! Sounds like you had a great experience. on a workout

  15. Nicole B.
      Nice Job

    That's good news!! on a workout

  16. Nicole B.
      Get Better

    Ouch!! on a workout

  17. Nicole B.
      Nice Job

    They are going to kill it this season! on a workout

  18. Nicole B.
      Nice Job

    I bet I know exactly where you were - we had many runs by the river in XC and... read more

  19. Nicole B.
      Nice Job

    What you didn't log your run on DM ASAP after doing it?!? on a workout

  20. Nicole B.
      Nice Job

    Nice to see you back on my friends feed :) on a workout

  21. Rachel U.
      Nice Job

    Conversation at a 6:42 pace, yeah.... I'm curious what that must be like. on a workout

  22. Nicole B.
      Great Performance

    Great ride!! That sucks they decided to shut it down - like you said third ti... read more

  23. Tash K.
      Great Performance

    Interesting! on a workout

  24. Maggie
      Nice Job

    Awesome!!!! on a workout

  25. Martin S.
      You're an Inspiration

    good stuff on a workout

  26. Tash K.
      Great Performance

    That's a sweet "yoga workout"! on a workout

  27. David U.
      Nice Job

    Sweet on a workout

  28. Maggie
      Great Performance

    NICE!!!! on a workout

  29. Tash K.
      Nice Job

    Nice job scoring 2 goals!! on a workout

  30. Andrew K.
      Feel Better

    Oh fffffffff-uuuuuuuuuu-dddddddd-ggggggg-eeeeeee (I hope you said that, anyway. on a workout

  31. Tash K.
      Great Performance

    Ummm...I would say something is on fire! Wow, youre fast! on a workout

  32. Chad B.
      You're an Inspiration

    FINALLY! on a workout

  33. Rachel U.

    HELLS TO THE YES!!!!!!! on a workout

  34. Rachel U.
      You're an Inspiration

    Ugh, glad you guys are safe. 1600 miles though, damn! Keep it going! on a workout

  35. Rachel U.
      You're an Inspiration

    You're a badass, just thought you should know! on a workout

  36. Andrew K.
      You're an Inspiration

    Flippin' fantastic. on a workout

  37. Tash K.
      Great Performance

    Very impressive miles and speed! You guys killed it this morning! on a workout

  38. Rachel U.
      Nice Job

    LOL. on a workout

  39. Martin S.
      Great Performance

    Solid effort out there today kid, brought your 'A' game. on a workout

  40. Cailee P.
      You're an Inspiration

    You're amazingly fast! i hope to be like you someday!

  41. Rachel U.
      Nice Job

    80miles this week, you rock!!! on a workout

  42. Maggie
      You're an Inspiration

    You are crazy fast! My god man bottle that energy and lend me some in a coupl... read more

  43. Maggie
      Nice Job

    LOL you guys just dont mess around do you : ) on a workout

  44. Justin W.
      Nice Job

    "Lost a lot of fitness" and "Splits: 6:55, 6:39, 6:43, 6:27". HAHAHAHAHAHAHH... read more

  45. Rachel U.

    NICELY DONE!!! on a workout

  46. Maggie
      You're an Inspiration

    Wow the fact that you can run like that is amazing and the fact that you ran ... read more

  47. Justin W.
      You're an Inspiration

    I think I can trace just about everything good in my life back to high school... read more

  48. Cailee P.
      You're an Inspiration

    You're a rockstar. Keep those miles coming!

  49. Martin S.
      Nice Job

    that's just silly. I could totally keep that pace... for a mile... maybe. on a workout

  50. Whitney B.
      You're an Inspiration

    Just to finish that race at all is unbelievable! You are amazing! on a workout