Friends (28)

  • Curt M.

    Curt M.

    Mansfield, TX,

  • Krissy M.

    Krissy M.

    Sarasota, FL, Train strong to work toward qualifying for the Boston Marathon!

  • Matt O.

    Matt O.

    Sherman, TX, Run marathon #2.

  • Jason F.

    Jason F.

    Denver, CO, To help you become a better runner at

  • Chris K.

    Chris K.

    Superior, Wisconsin, Beast Mode “You can't stop him you can only hope to contain him.” My PR's In 2000 I ran 16:13 5k @ CIF State CC Meet! 2014 13.1 1:20:40 26.2 3:00:20

  • Day C.

    Day C.

    Pflugerville, TX, Stay fit, run faster. Sub 3:30 marathon, Sub 21 5k. Current PRs: Marathon 3:34:27 Half 1:34:28 10k 46:26 5k 21:16

  • Tom C.

    Tom C.

    Pottsboro, TX, Stay Fit

  • Jesse P.

    Jesse P.

    Plano, TX, To just run, be happy and meet a friend who loves to run.

  • Jeremy F.

    Jeremy F.

    Lumberton, TX, To lose weight, stay healthy and to PR. Mar: 4:21:50 (3/10/12) 1/2 Mar: 1:50:34 30k: 3:10:22 25k: 2:35:11 10k: 46:52 5k: 23:42 2mi: 15:20 1mi: 6:49

  • Sue R.

    Sue R.

    , 2015 Goals! Swim 100, Bike 6300, Run 1000!!! Keep on running and having fun with TEAM PAWS UP and all the honorary members of The Team!

  • Stephanie P.

    Stephanie P.

    San Francisco, CA, I LOVE to run. This year I plan to knock out 1200 miles and start the BQ chase.

  • Meg R.

    Meg R.

    Ringgold, TX, To have fun and be happy :)

  • Emilia B.

    Emilia B.

    Houston, TX, Marathon PR (from 3:58:29), eventual BQ...

  • Jennifer F.

    Jennifer F.

    Dallas, TX, To keep running and have fun!

  • Sarah C.

    Sarah C.

    NH, Break 1:30 in the half marathon. And have fun!

  • Jay


    Eudora, KS, 3 marathons Lincoln Marathon, Kansas City Half Marathon and the Dallas Marathon. Setting the goal to BQ in Dallas.

  • Jesse H.

    Jesse H.

    Harvard, IL, GOALS ! 1. 850 MILES.....2.Run mores races....3.Focus...4. run a half or full marathon this year ! 5.And have a great 2015 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marcia P.

    Marcia P.

    Mattapoisett, MA, Melancholy is incompatible with bicycling. ~James E. Starrs~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Get a bicycle. You will not regret, it if you live. ~Mark Twain

  • Slowtwitchsteve


    Houston, TX,

  • Jim H.

    Jim H.

    Fort Worth, TX, Fort Worth Marathon Feb.

  • Monica R.
  • Stephanie F.

    Stephanie F.

    San Antonio, TX,

  • Jennifer L.
  • Michele G.

    Michele G.

    , Marathon: Sub-3:10 (3:21:23), Half Marathon: Sub-1:30 (PR: 1:31:57), 10k: Sub-41 (42:54), Sub-11:30 (Ironman)

  • Tracie W.

    Tracie W.

    Denison, TX,