Ultra Doug ran: What can I say? I lov...

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  • 50 miles
  • 11:00 time
  • 13:12 pace
  • 12865 calories
  • 0 ft climb
  • 0 max hr
  • 0 avg hr
    • Currently 5/5 Effort.
    effort 5/5
great Vermont 50 50 mi 11:00 13:12 pace

What can I say? I love these trails! I just wish that once, JUST ONCE, I could run them in cool, dry conditions! Is that too much to ask? Seriously. Slip-N-Slide was the name of the game. I only fell and busted my ass 4 times. Never went ass-over-teakettle as I have in trail races in the past, and 2 of those falls were in the last 3 mile segment where it was quite possibly the wettest, muddiest, slipperiest and most technical part of the whole trail. And where I also averaged <10 min./mile chasing that sub-11 hour finish that I didn't think I had a chance for at the start of the race. When I made it to the aid station at mile 40'ish, I overheard someone mention the time and I did a quick calculation in my head and suddenly realized a sub-11 was possible and maybe even a PR! Which was amazing considering the dark place I went to while climbing from miles 13-20, when I was freezing, couldn't use my hands and borderline hypothermic and all I wanted to do was make it to the next crewed aid station at 32 so I could drop-out. Sometime after the aid station at 20 where I had some warm broth and a Coke, I found another gear, an automatic one and just put it on cruise control. By the time I got to my crew at 32, I felt great and couldn't think about anything but catching Adamm9 ! I put-on clean dry socks and shoes and my Crow Athletics singlet (under a long sleeve shirt) and nothing was going to stop me from finishing from that point on. When I came into the last stop at 47, I knew I had around 30 minutes left with the most technical part of the trail coming up. Alexis W. laced-up her shoes and jumped on the trail with me, although she joked with several of the runners we were passing that the "pacer has become the chaser!" She did an awesome job keeping me motivated and managed not to fall off pace or kill herself in the process! Even though I missed the sub-11 by 29 seconds, and by doing so lost my 2 chances in the Western States Lottery, I'm REALLY pleased with my overall performance. I credit my race strategy of putting-in a CONSISTENT EFFORT over the 50 miles and listening to my body rather than going all-out and bombing down the hills, running 9 minute miles on the flats and walking all the uphills (my strategy last year), with coming-out of this race feeling stronger and most importantly NOT GETTING INJURED! After all, it's just a 10-mile race with a 40-mile warm-up right?

  • Ultra Doug
    Ultra Doug

    Thanks Rachel!

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  • Alexis W.
    Alexis W.

    You kicked it. And you looked so much better than you did last year. Even tho you didn't make the cut off, you still did amazing. And I had a ton of fun!! Thanks for letting me chase you. Should have brought the whip we saw at that house we rented. Lol. Maybe then you would have broken the 29 secs

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  • Rachel U.
    Rachel U. Congrats

    Well done Doug!

    over 5 years ago

  • Jason F.
    Jason F. You're an Inspiration
    You're an Inspiration:

    Nice Job! Your write up on last year's solidified my sign up this year. I had a blast. Thanks!

    over 5 years ago

  • Adamm9 You're Badass
    You're Badass:

    It's actually a 5k with a 47 mile warm-up. Awesome work out there brother. Caw caw caw!

    over 5 years ago