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Wall of Motivation (58)

  1.   Hi-five

    woohoo!! bling is always good!! on a workout

  2.   Hi-five

    Doug's Gym's still on fiyah!! on a workout

  3. Ria H.
      Nice Job

    Thanks to God, indeed!! Great run, Doug! on a workout

  4. Ria H.
      Nice Job

    Boo ya!! Nice one, Doug! on a workout

  5. Stacey G.
      Nice Job

    Awesome to hear Doug! on a workout

  6. Ria H.
      Nice Job

    Outstanding run, Doug! on a workout

  7. Ria H.
      Nice Job

    Sounds awesome!!! Great job, Doug! on a workout

  8. Kimberly M.
      Great Performance

    lol did you wear the first treadmill out? I hope you got a medal for that! on a workout

  9. Ria H.

    Whoo hooo, congrats on your outstanding race, Doug!!! on a workout

  10. Ria H.

    Well done, Doug! on a workout

  11. Ria H.
      Nice Job

    Superb running, Doug!! Great job finishing strong!! on a workout

  12. Ria H.
      Nice Job

    Sounds like a fantastic day!! Great start by running! on a workout

  13. Ria H.
      Great Performance

    Excellent miles, Doug!! Sounds like a great all around workout! on a workout

  14. Ria H.

    Superb job, Doug! Congrats on an awesome time and enjoy it with friends! on a workout

  15. Ria H.
      Nice Job

    Sounds like a great run, Dough!! Nicely done!! on a workout

  16. Daniel N.
      Feel Better

    Hey, I find it ok to be a bit down after a marathon! It'll get better! on a workout

  17. Ria H.
      Nice Job

    Great run, Doug! on a workout

  18. June S.

    You are so totally my inspiration for running marathons. 3:47 - Awesome! on a workout

  19. Daniel N.

    Congratulation from my side as well! Great achievement - I hope you'll post a... read more

  20. Nikats

    Very well done pal! on a workout

  21. Ria H.

    Congrats on an amazing feat, Doug!! That's a wonderful achievement! Props t... read more

  22. Rob R.

    Great job Doug! on a workout

  23. Lisa E.

    Well done Mr and Mrs Doug!!! on a workout

  24. Dafni

    great long run and pace... on a workout

  25. Simon W.
      Great Performance

    Great 16 miles Doug! That's a great list of 'helpers' you had on your side! on a workout

  26. Simon W.
      Great Performance

    Great run. Looks like you made up any deficit in that one run ;-) on a workout

  27. Simon W.
      Nice Job

    What a great event and run Doug! on a workout

  28. Ria H.

    Dang!!! That's fast!! Way to go! on a workout

  29. Aliza
      Nice Photos

    Nice TAT! Did you really BQ?

  30. Simon W.
      Nice Job

    Great perserverance Doug! Great run and pace ;-) on a workout

  31. Monica J.
      You Rock

    Fantastic Doug!!!! on a workout

  32. Brandon
      Nice Job

    great work! on a workout

  33. Rob R.
      Nice Job

    Glad you are still with us. on a workout

  34. Ria H.
      Nice Job

    Outstanding run, Doug!!! on a workout

  35. Rob R.
      Great Performance

    Nice distance and pace! on a workout

  36. Monica J.
      Feel Better

    Love that pace Doug : ) hope you back behaves! on a workout

  37. Mary Ann K.
      Get Better

    my lower back has been hurting lately too... hope you feel better!! :) on a workout

  38. Ria H.
      Nice Job

    What a great way to get the family motivated to run! Outstanding, Doug! on a workout

  39. Rob R.
      Nice Job

    Awesome track work! on a workout

  40. Ria H.
      Great Performance

    That's a sweet pace for someone who was laboring tonight. Fabulous 4, Doug! ... read more

  41. Monica J.
      Nice Job

    I wish I had your pace! Fantastic~I hope you enjoyed the baseball & lasagna : ) on a workout

  42. Ria H.
      Great Performance

    That's pretty fast for "slow", Doug! (lol!) Oooh quesadillas! I love those! on a workout

  43. Simon W.
      Great Performance

    Lol. Darn, if you don't get a podium place I might have to unfriend you... ha... read more

  44.   Hi-five

    Rockstar. on a workout

  45. Ria H.
      Feel Better

    Hope the knee feels better soon! Great run, Doug! on a workout

  46. Simon W.

    Great run, that's a great pace for the mileage. It looks like those Mizunos a... read more

  47. Ria H.
      Nice Job

    You go, Doug!! on a workout

  48. Ria H.
      Great Performance

    Yay for new shoes! Nice miles and pace, Doug! on a workout

  49. Simon W.
      Great Performance

    Great run Doug and a fantastic pace. It's looking good for your 50k ultra! It... read more

  50. Simon W.
      You're Badass

    Super effort and a fantastic effort. You get my prized motivation ;-) on a workout