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a healthy lifestyle, so I can feel healthy, happy, upbeat and celebrate life every day.

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  • 14 miles
  • 02:51 time
  • 1830 calories
  • 4 workouts
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  1. FIT
    blah Shorty Workout 00:30

    Felt some neck strain and headache so I did as many stretches as possible, then did Ab work, then 25/25 one armed rows with a 45 pounder. And cleaned half of our white kitchen floor with scrub pad,... read more

  2. RUN
    good Lunch Run 4.5 mi 00:43 09:33 pace

    3.rd day in a row running. Hurray. Had a good run today with George, overcast, way cooler than yesterday

  3. RUN
    great Lunch Run 4.75 mi 00:48 10:06 pace

    Ran with Kevin and George. It went better than expected, the first half of the run we had cloud cover, and lucked out, then on the way back sunshine and the breeze behind me. 87 degrees but we we... read more

  4. RUN
    Five mile warm run 5 mi 00:50 10:00 pace

    (Ran yesterday but posting this this morning) Ran 3 miles in the heat but it was half the time shaded and the sun was low in the sky so that helped. Ran at 6pm. Then took a breather/water break ... read more

  5. RUN
    great on vacation run 3 mi 00:30 10:00 pace

    slept in accidently, but tthen did Ab work, pushups and squats then ran 3 miles, it was aleady getting warm at 10am, 101 heat index projected today. It felt so good to run after 2 days off I had a... read more

    • Pierre M.
      Pierre M.

      The sleep was likely needed!

      6 days ago Like

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    • Doug G.
      Doug G.

      Thanks Pierre, Darrell, Francis, Sandra and Lowell!

      4 days ago Like

    • Doug G.
      Doug G.

      Sandra, My 17 year old son has a christian girlfriend(17) down SE in Lawrenceville, Il We took her to Shawnee national forest and she took us on trails, She knew the trails! [we got ticks on us] My delicate flower had a fit. We had never been there before. Then we stayed over night in a hotel and had fun with her and her parents the next Saturday. They are super outgoing then me and Brandon went to a cards/cubs game in St Louis for fathers day. Sunday. (and the Cards won) Yay!

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  6. RUN
    great 3 Amigos Lunch Run 4.5 mi 00:45 10:00 pace

    Me, George and Kevin ran our Lincoln Park route, got our sweat on, great to meet up and run together at lunch. Not many people have the opportunity to run at lunch and I know how to appreciate it.... read more

  7. FIT
    Weights and core to fire up t... 01:00

    I want to, I see opportunity, I think I can and I will.
    32 Pushups
    30/30 Reverse curls with a 30 pound dumbbell
    30 Rotate curls with 2x30 pound dumbbells
    30 Squats
    30 Leglifts, 30 bicycle and ... read more

    • Pierre M.
      Pierre M.

      Well done hour of weights!

      10 days ago Like

    • Doug G.
      Doug G.

      Thank you Pierre, I don't know why but I feel the motivation to workout every day, as long as it can last, thanks!

      10 days ago Like

  8. RUN
    great Group run with Abes Army Group 4 mi 00:35 08:45 pace

    Ran out fast with a friend who was in the lead, I try to push it on these short runs. then slowed down on the way back, it was humid but we had this life-saving breeze to cool us off. I always h... read more

  9. FIT
    great Upper body weights 00:30

    Farmers carry with two 45 pound dumbbells, up in the air as long as I can,
    then at the shoulders then at the waist.
    35 military presses above head with 2x30 pound dumbbells
    21 benchpress with 2... read more

  10. RUN
    good Saturday Group Run 8.1 mi 01:23 10:14 pace

    I went out with a faster friend, then after that fast three, I slowed it down to survive the rest. But good run overall.

    • Pierre M.
      Pierre M.

      Whew, tough way to do it!

      13 days ago Like

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    • Lowell W.
      Lowell W.

      Nicely done, Doug!

      12 days ago Like

    • Doug G.
      Doug G.

      Thanks Pierre, Darrell, Francis, Sandra and Lowell. I set out to do at least six miles, but did do a extra two, then felt guilty for not doing ten when I was done. But did not feel energetic and super enthusiastic. Thanks for your encouragement!

      11 days ago Like

  11. FIT
    great Short Weights and Core 00:30

    "Take action everyday in the direction of you goals" Marisa Peer
    30 leglifts, 30 bicycles, and 30(new max) Flutter kicks [alternating leg raises]
    30/30 regular curls with 1-30 dumbbell... read more

  12. RUN
    good Hot run 3.6 mi 00:34 09:26 pace

    Ran 3.6 miles with a group at the running center. I forgot my gamin but at least I ran, got the mileage off a friend. I was high strung at work and I could not wait to run tonight. It was a 94 de... read more

  13. FIT
    great Morning workout before work 00:30

    a.m Workout before work
    30 pushups
    30 squats
    20 bench with 2x45 dumbbells
    30 leglifts, 30 bicycles, 20 flutter kicks
    30 sit-ups
    That's more like it, if i can just get started, I am ok.

  14. walk
    good work breal walks 2.4 mi 00:30 12:30 pace

    walks are good stress relievers

    • Francis

      Nicely done. This was faster than a walk.

      16 days ago Like

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    • Pierre M.
      Pierre M.

      Don't worry, Doug, it's not all about the numbers. It's about getting your walk when you need a walk. I usually put my time in by "how fast was I going?" because I know my speeds from having timed them many times before. But it doesn't really matter!

      16 days ago Like

    • Lowell W.
      Lowell W.

      They really can be! Nice going, Doug.

      16 days ago Like

  15. FIT
    Lunch Weights to UnStress 00:30

    Did 30 leg lifts, 30 bicycle and 20 flutter kicks.
    then 30 bench press with 2x45 pound dumbbells
    then 30 regular curls [arms holding 30 pound dumbbells with up and down scissor action.
    My way to... read more

  16. RUN
    great Short Abes Army Training Run 3.6 mi 00:29 07:54 pace

    Just for fun I ran as fast as I could about 90% efffort just to see what I could do (because I never run 5k's) chasing some fast runners in our group and I noticed that I did 3.1 in about 28:... read more

  17. RUN
    great Saturday Group Run 10.4 mi 01:40 09:36 pace

    Great Saturday Group long run. I ran 10.5 miles with Kevin and Rob, had a good time and had a good strong run today because we had unusual cool weather with 65 degrees, overcast skies and a good br... read more

  18. RUN
    great Lunch Run 4.5 mi 00:47 10:26 pace

    Ran 4.5 miles with Kevin at lunch, had a good time, warm out, but overcast skies and a strong breeze made it feel cooler than yesterday. A good run with a friend is a great stress buster and the ... read more

  19. walk
    great Work Breaks 2.4 mi 00:30 12:30 pace

    I am going to start logging our work walk breaks, that is exercise too.

  20. RUN
    Lunch run in 81 degrees 4 mi 00:40 10:00 pace

    Ran with George about 4.5 miles on our lunch break, forgot Garmin, good talk and run, I had to take my shirt off on the way back, I was baking. Even though heat index was only 86, that humidity af... read more