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  • 3 miles
  • 0:00 time
  • 235 calories
  • 1 workouts
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  1. RUN
    Long Branch Farm 2.73 mi

    Heart rate workout--felt like a fail. I couldn't find a hill steep enough to keep my heart rate between 130 and 160; ended up running up and down the gravel driveway.

  2. RUN
    great Run/walk on a beautiful day 4.44 mi 00:52 11:42 pace

    Such a gorgeous day, it was so hard to slow down. This was supposed to be a conversational pace with walk breaks; I kept catching myself flying along and had to pay attention and slow down. Still, ... read more

  3. RUN
    good Run/walk with lunges 4.5 mi 01:00 13:20 pace

    These workouts are working my brain as much as my legs, trying to keep track of everything.
    5 min warmup jog
    5 min dynamic warmup
    20 min run/walk
    4 x 20 steps walking lunges/50 meters power skippin... read more

  4. RUN
    great Run/walk 4.08 mi 00:50 12:15 pace

    5 x 1 min jog / 1 min walk
    6 x 3 min jog / 2 min walk
    5 x 1 min jog / 1 min walk

    Nice and cool this morning. My right arch started to hurt halfway through, but then let up.

  5. RUN
    great Evening Strides 2.42 mi 00:44 18:05 pace

    Strides are always fun. 17 minutes walking to warm up, then 6 x 20 second strides with 2 min. walk for recovery, then 10 min cool down.
    6 pushups before each set of strides.

  6. RUN
    great Mojo speedwork 5.22 mi 00:50 09:34 pace

    Warmup of 0.75, then 5 x 1000, then a couple of laps to cool down.
    Paces for the 1000 laps were 8:06, 8:20, 8:09, 8:12, 8:22. I'll take it.

    • Madison A.
      Madison A.

      You did such an awesome job tonight! Clearly the hip is better!

      9 days ago Like

    • Diane B.
      Diane B.

      I need to pick a lane and stay in it. I did both of the last 2 1000s in 5:13, but the pace is different because one was .62 miles and one was .64. :P

      9 days ago Like

    • Madison A.
      Madison A.

      Oh no!!! Haha I know it's hard though because you want to get around people or they are trying to get around you...

      9 days ago Like

    • Jeannie G.
      Jeannie G.

      Nice work!

      8 days ago Like

  7. RUN
    great Easy 2.81 mi 00:30 10:41 pace

    Training plan said "emphasis on easy" so I ran by effort and didn't check my watch much. An enjoyable run except when I was dodging school buses and garbage trucks.

  8. RUN
    great Run/walk intervals 4.2 mi 00:50 11:54 pace

    What a perfectly beautiful day to run! Cool temps, sunshine, low humidity. It was so hard to do the walk intervals, but I slowed down and enjoyed the day.

    5 x 1 min run/1 min walk
    6 x 3 min run/2... read more

  9. RUN
    Rowe Woods 2.4 mi 00:45 18:40 pace

    Fun in the woods. Goal was to keep my heart rate between 130 and 160 for 40 minutes, so lots of hills and steps. I liked it a lot.

  10. RUN
    great Run/walk 4.03 mi 00:50 12:24 pace

    Another morning of run/walk intervals.

  11. RUN
    blah Neighborhood 2.67 mi 00:35 13:06 pace

    This was a heart rate workout where I was supposed to run for 20 minutes with my heart rate at 130 bpm. But no matter how slowly I shuffled along, I could not keep my HR that low; I had to resort t... read more

  12. RUN
    great Walk/run in the rain 4.12 mi 00:50 12:08 pace

    5 x 1 min jog/1 min walk
    6 x 3 min jog/2 min walk
    5 x 1 min jog/1 min walk

    Drizzling rain when I started out; started raining hard about halfway through, but then it let up. Overall, a good run/wa... read more

  13. walk
    great Rowe Woods 2.26 mi 00:45 19:45 pace

    My first workout on the plan from IREP Athletics, and the first time I have used my Garmin heart rate monitor. It was harder than I expected to keep my heart rate in the target range. Lots of hills... read more

  14. RUN
    great Easy 2.7 mi 00:28 10:27 pace

    Easy run this morning, not looking at my watch, just enjoying the alone time.

  15. RUN
    great Mojo Speedwork 4 mi 00:35 08:45 pace

    I really don't know for sure how far or fast I went overall. My Garmin hates the West Lakota track and never works right. But I was pretty consistent with around 3 minutes on ... read more

  16. RUN
    alright Redbird hills 4.01 mi 00:44 10:52 pace

    Tried the roller coaster that is Redbird for the first time in almost a year. I gave myself permission to walk some of the hills, but I was pleasantly surprised when I got to that last steep hill t... read more

  17. RUN
    blah Struggle 3.7 mi 00:39 10:37 pace

    No energy this morning--by mile 3, I felt like I had run 10 miles uphill. I would blame the humidity, but the truth is, I've been tired all week for no discernible reason. I hope I'm not ... read more

    • Madison A.
      Madison A.

      The humidity is killing us all. Stick in there Diane. Make sure you're fueling right and getting enough sleep!

      27 days ago Like1 person

  18. RUN
    good easy 2.5 2.5 mi 00:26 10:31 pace

    Feeling exhausted today and I have an early meeting, so I didn't go fast or far.

  19. Shared Photo

    Virtual Pirate 5K

  20. RUN
    great Virtual Pirate 5K 3.1 mi 00:28 09:05 pace

    Woot! Could not be happier with my efforts in today's solo race. I got a little excited and did Mile 1 in 8:38 (too fast) and had to run through a cramp in mile 2 for 9:42. Then the 3rd mile ... read more