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To stay healthy and help others, everyone needs a friend to encourage them along the way! :)

Friends (37)

  • Jerry


    Earle, AR, My goal is to stay active.

  • Tony B.

    Tony B.

    Evansville, IN,

  • Jill N.
  • David G.

    David G.

    Rochester Hills, MI, First Spartan Super down, now next year, the Spartan Trifecta...a Sprint, Super, and a BEAST!

  • Greg H.

    Greg H.

    Columbus, MS, Sub 1:38 half, Sub 3:40 full, Sub 20 5k and Sub 43 10k...PR 5K 20:52,10K 43:53, PR Half Marathon 1:39:38, Marathon 3:41:19

  • Jason V.

    Jason V.

    Ste. Genevieve, MO, Get back into "fighting shape" when I get back into martial arts and maintain fitness. Biggest race done: Get Your Butt Kicked At Route 66 6-hour summer race

  • Patrick W.

    Patrick W.

    Arlington, TX, Come back from injury and enjoy running again. Run a race WITH my awesome wife. Complete a 50-mile trail ultra and continue to enjoy the ability to run.

  • Toni-Lee


    Blackfalds, AB, I have a very rare disease called Dermatomyositis. My immune system attacks my muscles to the point I can't move. I am in remission & want to run while I can!

  • Sherry R.

    Sherry R.

    Wynne, AR, To get my endurance level ALOT better!!! and to get with the program and stick with it!!!

  • Susanne W.
  • Lori S.

    Lori S.

    Wynne, AR, Just to be the best I can be.

  • Stu A.

    Stu A.

    Durham, NC, Consistency in training, good health and racing for fun with friends.

  • Holly C.

    Holly C.

    Wynne, AR, To be a great runner and to be healthy and fit. I'm in the best shape of my life after having 3 beautiful babies (I want to stay that way)!

  • Barbara G.

    Barbara G.

    Atlantic Beach, FL, Get my race walking times back to the level they were at 20 years ago-10 min pace and then improve on that while losing weight and getting in shape!

  • Susan T.

    Susan T.

    Charlotte, NC, to enjoy the gift of running while training and completing a second marathon this year!

  • Kerri B.

    Kerri B.

    Searcy, AR, PR's: Marathon: 4:24:10 3/2/14 Half Marathon: 1:50:59 3/1/15 10k: 48:12 11/15/14 5k: 23:11 4/15 1 mi: 6:33 9/15

  • Sarah G.

    Sarah G.

    Nixa, MO, Work off this baby body. Run a 5k in spring, 10k in summer, then half in fall.

  • Bob R.

    Bob R.

    Merritt Island, FL, Continue running and cycling in order to stay healthy and enjoy an active lifestyle.

  • Jody H.

    Jody H.

    Wynne, AR, Stay fit and kill some time.

  • Brittany S.

    Brittany S.

    Rockledge, FL, Running a 5K in 22:30. Running a 1/2 Marathon in 1:45:00 in 2015. Running a BQ Marathon in 3:44:59 or faster in 2015.

  • Amy B.

    Amy B.

    Walnut, Ms,

  • David D.

    David D.

    Barstow, CA, Goal is to run 1000 miles for 2014

  • Jenslife


    , Triatholon in 2014 Century Ride in next 2 years

  • Gail


    Erie, PA, After being in 2 major car wrecks and having brain surgery, going from a walker to a cane to finally walking by myself. I'm walking for life now :-)

  • Donna Y.

    Donna Y.

    Mc Crory, AR, :Run longer distances :Improve my speed (ie..get out of my comfort zone) :Improve my overall health