4633 total / 0 in 2018

I hit just under 2500 miles in 2012, so aiming or 3000 in 2013.... all bike, running is finished!

Wall of Motivation (12)

  1. Jonny F.
      Nice Job

    You don't half pack a pace you sure your bike is in miles Milner not km!!!!!!!! on a workout

  2. Darren
      Nice Job

    I hadn't run for a couple of weeks until this week - lots of reasons but ulti... read more

  3. Darren
      Nice Job

    Well done matey. Don't push it too hard though eh? on a workout

  4. Jonny F.
      Great Performance

    Great to be out and about on a workout

  5. Jonny F.
      Nice Job

    Good work son on a workout

  6. Darren

    Well done on cracking the 1000 miles!

  7. Darren
      Nice Job

    Great effort sir! on a workout

  8. Darren

    Nice one! on a workout

  9. Jonny F.
      Nice Job

    130-140 is a good place to keep it... at your age thats nearly 75% on a workout

  10. Darren
      Nice Job

    Great stuff matey. Still a little under the weather myself, although I manage... read more

  11. Jonny F.
      Nice Job

    hope you had padded shorts big man!! on a workout

  12. Jeffrey J M.
      Nice Job

    well done on a workout