4884 total / 489 in 2015

"Prove me, O LORD, and try me; test my heart and my mind." - Psalm 26:2

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  • 22 miles
  • 04:34 time
  • 2678 calories
  • 5 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. RUN
    great TV Road/Valley Park - Out and... 5.1 mi 00:45 08:50 pace

    I got a late start today due to another errand I had to run, but since its my day off it wasn't too much of an issue. 64 degrees and cloudy skies, but the humidity was 100%! Welcome to summe... read more

  2. FIT
    great Chest and Back 00:41

    2 sets, 1 minute of each exercise unless otherwise noted:
    Chest Press - bench
    Flys - bench
    Center Chest Press - bench
    Decline Push-ups - 20, 10
    Full Body Crunch
    Russian Twist
    Back Flys
    W... read more

  3. RUN
    great Souper Soaker Run 6.7 mi 01:00 09:01 pace

    At 68 degrees, 88% humidity and sunny skies, it was about as sticky as its been so far this season. I just did a simple out and back. Coach had fartleks on the schedule, and the hills provided th... read more

  4. FIT
    great Arms and Shoulders 00:37

    2 sets of each exercise. Each one was done for 1 minute, unless otherwise noted:
    Alternating Lateral shoulder raises
    Alternating Forward shoulder raise
    Alternating Over Head shoulder Push
    Full body... read more

  5. RUN
    good Progressive Run on Teays Vall... 10.32 mi 01:30 08:43 pace

    Coach's description of the plan for this morning -- "This is not an easy run." She was right. 20 minutes in HR Zone 2, then 30 minutes in HR Zone 3, then 30 in HR Zone 4. Zone 4 w... read more

  6. RUN
    great Montour Trail 7.11 mi 01:00 08:26 pace

    45 degrees and sunny -- very pleasant morning for running, especially at the beginning of Memorial Day weekend! I did a simple out and back, nothing fancy. Enjoy your weekend, and be safe if you&... read more

  7. FIT
    great Lateral Balance 00:16

    3 sets each:
    front leg swings - 10 reps each side
    one legged deadlifts - 10 reps each side
    standing hurdles - 10 reps each side
    lateral side leg swings - 10 reps each side
    side standing reverse hur... read more

  8. RUN
    great TV Road Out and Back 10.03 mi 01:30 08:59 pace

    Another out and back this morning, but today I stuck with TV road and avoided the possibility of snarling dogs on the off roads. The weather was near perfect -- sunny and 50 degrees. Yoga will fol... read more

  9. FIT
    good Ab Routine 00:42

    2 sets of each of the following. Each exercise was done for 1 minute, unless otherwise noted. Today's workout wasn't pretty, but I got it done!
    Flutter kicks
    Russian Twists
    Full B... read more

  10. RUN
    great Teays Valley Road/Cow's Creek 16.02 mi 02:31 09:27 pace

    Coach had a 2.5 hour run on the schedule, so I did it in the neighborhood with partly sunny skies and 66 degrees. There's no place close of which I'm aware to run 16 miles on the flats, ... read more

  11. FIT
    great Rodney Yee Yoga for Athletes DVD 01:00

    Yoga is always good.

  12. RUN
    great Montour Trail 7.15 mi 01:00 08:24 pace

    This morning was a treat running on the Montour Trail during a quick visit with family. 55 degrees and partly sunny made the beauty of the great outdoors even more enjoyable. Did a few hamstrings... read more

  13. FIT
    great Run Strength/Injury Prevention 00:26

    20 standing side leg lifts, each side
    15 standing front leg lifts, each side
    20 squats, slow, controlled, squeezing glutes on the way up
    15 standing hamstring curls, each leg
    30 seconds seated hams... read more

  14. RUN
    great Teays Valley Road - Out and Back 10.05 mi 01:30 08:57 pace

    What a perfect morning for running with 46 degrees and sunny skies! Did a simple out and back on Teays Valley Road -- gotta love these hills! Tried a snot rocket once -- suffice it to say I need ... read more

  15. FIT
    great Push Ups/Core 00:12:00

    2 sets of 20 crunches
    1 set of 20 push-ups
    2 sets of 20 V-ups
    1 set of 20 push-ups
    2 sets of 20 oblique crunches (left side)
    1 set of 20 push-ups
    2 sets of 20 oblique crunches (right side)
    1 set of... read more

  16. RUN
    great Beat the Heat Long Run 13.11 mi 02:02 09:16 pace

    Just after sunrise it was 63 degrees and clear, a good time to get my long run done before the thermometer started rising. Coach had a two hour run on the schedule, so that took me all the way up ... read more

  17. Race Report 2015 Pittsburgh Marathon

    • Les G.
      Les G.

      Very nice David. 15 minutes is a lot of time to knock off. Very Happy for you. Keep rockin the running, the preaching and the witness.

      21 days ago Like1 person

    • Glenn W.
      Glenn W.

      The last few miles of those warm weather marathons are brutal. You did a great job of managing it safely. It's really hard to figure out the hydration and nutrition for a marathon, we're all different and what works for one person doesn't always work for someone else. Sometimes I worry about drinking too much water on a warm day. If the sodium gets diluted that causes symptoms that feel like you aren't drinking enough. You just have to try things and see what works. The cold hurt I'm sure.

      21 days ago Like1 person

    • Dave P.
      Dave P.

      Great recap. Glad you had a good experience despite the issues that you had to power through. Well done!

      21 days ago Like1 person

  18. RUN
    great TVR - Out and Back 7.92 mi 01:15 09:28 pace

    Nice, easy out and back this morning on Teays Valley Road. 55 degrees and sunny. The legs still feel good after the marathon. The ice bath I took immediately after the race must have made a big ... read more

    • Jill F.
      Jill F.

      Nice recovery work David! What's up next for you?

      22 days ago Like1 person

    • David B.

      Thanks Jill. I'm not sure what shorter races I'll be doing this summer. This fall I'll be running the MCM again.

      22 days ago Like1 person

    • Patricia B.
      Patricia B.

      Sometimes running is the best recovery activity that we can do.

      22 days ago Like1 person

    • Cris M.
      Cris M.

      Excellent recovery miles David! your amazing training also has something to do with lack of lingering soreness for sure!

      22 days ago Like

  19. FIT
    great Rodney Yee for Running, Golf 00:15:00

    Yoga is always good.

  20. RUN
    great Recovery Run - Teays Valley Road 4.39 mi 00:40 09:07 pace

    Nice, easy recovery run this afternoon. 84 degrees and partly sunny. I ran out TV road, went through Valley Park, and saw the Genesis group leaders. I'd forgotten they were meeting tonight.... read more