Wall of Motivation (539)

  1. Jamie R.
      Post a workout!

    I miss following your training!

  2. Christine
      You're an Inspiration

    Whoa!!! on a workout

  3. Norene P.
      You're an Inspiration

    This is great. on a workout

  4. Mike N.
      Nice Job

    So are you going to set up a TM for the Skunk Run? ;) Great workout! on a workout

  5. Jessica W.
      Nice Job

    Awesome!!! I did 10 miles on the dreadmill on Saturday and wanted to cry LOL... read more

  6. Mike N.
      Great Performance

    Nice little spin! on a workout

  7. Rina M.

    Nice miles in David! :+) on a workout

  8. Rina M.

    Nice mill miles David! :+D on a workout

  9. Mike N.
      Nice Job

    Nice quick 5! on a workout

  10. Rina M.

    Well done David! :+) on a workout

  11. Patricia B.
      Nice Job

    Vacation runs are the best! New scenery. You're all rested and well fed. on a workout

  12. Paula K.
      Nice Job

    WOOOO!!! on a workout

  13. Patricia B.

    Hey, a run IS A RUN! on a workout

  14. Norene P.
      Nice Job

    Wowza. You were moving, buddy. on a workout

  15. Patricia B.
      Nice Job

    I actually really love running after sun down. on a workout

  16. Brian W S.
      Get Better

    Sorry to hear busy. Get better soon! on a workout

  17. Mike N.
      Nice Job

    Nice pace on the TM! What am I saying?! Nice pace anywhere! on a workout

  18. Mike N.
      You're Funny

    12 would be insane. That's why I stopped at 9 today. on a workout

  19. William N.
      Great Performance

    Great run! on a workout

  20. Patricia B.
      You're an Inspiration

    Absolutely amazing accomplishment! on a workout

  21. Patricia B.

    You must be tired and sore after this past weekend! on a workout

  22. Nic A.
      Good Luck

    Go well!! on a workout

  23. Patricia B.
      Good Luck

    I'm looking forward to reading all about it! on a workout

  24. Madiantin
      Great Performance

    You are amazing! on a workout

  25. Whine Less B.
      You're an Inspiration

    Fantastic! on a workout

  26. Toocuterunner
      You're an Inspiration

    Rockstar! on a workout

  27. Mike N.
      You're an Inspiration

    If you're up, you might as well. on a workout

  28. Danica L.
      You're an Inspiration

    Wow -- that is dedicated! on a workout

  29. Michael S.
      Nice Job

    How long does a TM last you? :-) on a workout

  30. Ryan G.
      You're an Inspiration

    ...I can't even...IMAGINE...doing this. I freak out after 4 miles on a tread... read more

  31. Ara
      You're an Inspiration

    Amazing! on a workout

  32.   You're an Inspiration

    DM: World's greatest athlete! on a workout

  33. Michael S.
      Nice Job

    Training for a 150, or more?! on a workout

  34. Eric T.
      Nice Job

    And that's why we now call you Coach Murphy because yuz amazin. on a workout

  35. Allison S.
      You're an Inspiration

    That's beyond amazing! You win it all for mental training!!! I can't even go ... read more

  36. Heather G.
      Nice Job

    Congrats!!! on a workout

  37. Keiva R.
      Great Performance

    great job!! on a workout

  38. Christine
      Nice Job

    Fantastic! Nice work helping your friend reach his goal. on a workout

  39. Jenny Y.
      Nice Job

    6:59 pace... oh deer on a workout

  40. Mike N.
      You're an Inspiration

    Your ability to run on a treadmill for that long amazes me. I cannot run 2 mi... read more

  41. Jay S.
      You're Badass

    Beast. Mode. On! on a workout

  42. Allison S.
      Nice Job

    great result in Zone 2-awesome 50k!! on a workout

  43. Christine
      You're an Inspiration

    Just getting up at that hour is impressive! Nice job getting it done. on a workout

  44. Madiantin
      You're an Inspiration

    Damn man! Dedication. Inspiration. =) on a workout

  45. Norene P.
      Nice Job

    That is so cool! on a workout

  46. Madiantin
      You're an Inspiration

    You go, man! Inspirational! on a workout

  47. Whine Less B.
      Great Performance

    You're a nut! But the good kind. on a workout

  48. Toocuterunner
      You're an Inspiration

    This just solidifies for me that I need a treadmill at home! on a workout

  49. Paul R.
      Nice Job

    yeah that's like 1:00 am my time. My 5:00 am looks like I'm slacking. nice ... read more

  50. Jay S.
      You're Badass

    There's nothing easy about being up at 3 a.m. for a run on a workout