Wall of Motivation (12)

  1. Jennifer E.

    Good job! Nice pace too! on a workout

  2. Rick B.
      Good Luck

    Good luck at Innsbrook. If I come out to see wife finish. i will try to fin... read more

  3.   Nice Job

    Nice 5 to start the day David!!! on a workout

  4. Nickie B.
      Great Performance

    good time David!! on a workout

  5. Amy
      Good Luck

    Nice shakeout! Hope your race goes as planned Saturday! on a workout

  6. Nickie B.
      Nice Job

    so do I ...Its hard to see and its hard for me to get in my running zone caus... read more

  7. Rick B.
      Get Better

    David- sorry to hear about crash. Hope you & bike will be ok. Take care. on a workout

  8. Nickie B.
      Great Performance

    good pace!! on a workout

  9. Nickie B.
      Great Performance

    nice run and pace, geez your fast! on a workout

  10. Jennifer E.
      You're an Inspiration

    YAY!!! on a workout

  11. Nickie B.
      Nice Job

    good ride David!!! on a workout

  12. Nickie B.
      Great Performance

    good run David!!! nice pace!! on a workout