Wall of Motivation (16)

  1. Michael B.

    Thanks!!! It was a great race and a perfect day!! on a workout

  2. Ash L.
      Nice Job

    Great work Danielle! on a workout

  3. Karen K.
      Nice Job

    Happy Christmas, Danielle! :D on a workout

  4. Ralph P.
      Nice Job

    Great PR! That is so awesome! Very inspiring on a workout

  5. Graciela S.
      Great Performance

    Wow, thats impressive fast! Congratulations on your new PR :) on a workout

  6. Karen K.

    WHOA!!! You're smoking fast!!! Congrats on breaking 20!! on a workout

  7. Petite
      Great Performance

    Great job pushing it on those hills Danielle. on a workout

  8. Petite
      Post a workout!

    I miss following your training!

  9. Ralph P.
      Nice Job

    nice run, great pace!! on a workout

  10. Ralph P.
      Feel Better

    looks like you are back at it Danielle :) on a workout

  11. Graciela S.
      Great Performance

    Very nice! Well done :) on a workout

  12. Ralph P.
      Great Performance

    nice speed!! What kind of recovery did you do? on a workout

  13. Graciela S.

    WOW Danielle, that is awesome!!! Congrats on your TRI, you did fantastic :) on a workout

  14. Ralph P.

    nice job!! Awesome descending miles :) on a workout

  15. Elizabeth
      You're an Inspiration

    Thanks for the speedy date!!!! You push me to CHASE CHASE CHASE LOL! =) on a workout

  16. Ralph P.
      You're an Inspiration

    i remember 400 repeats...i think i need to get back to doing that :), used to... read more