Friends (29)

  • Shirl M.

    Shirl M.

    Miramar, FL, 2018 Goal: Running a few half marathons this year, and maintaining good health by running smart.

  • Patty E.

    Patty E.

    Chantilly, VA, To have fun and to inspire my son!

  • Karen K.

    Karen K.

    Palo Alto, CA, 2016 Goals: 4:10 Marathon. 1:40 Half Marathon. 00:45 10K. 00:24 5K.

  • Jen H.

    Jen H.

    Norman, OK, Feel confident in my strength.

  • Elizabeth


    Fort Lauderdale, FL, Speed Baby! Disney Marathon 2015 (my 10th, was my 1st) 3xs Boston Finisher :) PR Marathon 3:31:58 Goal: Break >> 3:30:00 5K Goal >>> 20:59 or less.

  • Alejandro


    Coral Gables, FL, Complete 3 tris: 1/2 Iron, setting new PR's in Olympic (2:42:06 - Done! 2:36) and half Iron (5:53:42) distance events. Run a 1/2 Marathon (1:42 - Done! 1:36).

  • Mike W.

    Mike W.

    Marlborough, MA, Want to be able to run a 50 minute 10k by end of 2011 ! Check me out on facebook at and I will like you back!

  • David D.

    David D.

    Manhattan, KS, Stay young/healthy and have fun along the way...

  • Michael B.

    Michael B.

    Hollywood, FL, Sub 3:25 Marathon Chicago 2013 (3:36:51PR)Sub 1:30 Half(1:33:55 PR), Sub 42 10K(43:50 PR), Sub 20 5K(20:13 PR) Train hard, have fun and make new friends:)

  • Greg D.

    Greg D.

    Vancouver, WA, Sub four hour marathon.

  • Mike B

    Mike B

    Weston, FL, run a marathon this year

  • Ralph P.

    Ralph P.

    Fort Lauderdale, FL, 2000+ miles this year, sub 19:00 5K, 38:30 10K, 1:30 1/2 Marathon

  • Ines C.

    Ines C.

    Miami, FL, to improve my cardiovascular endurance. to finish my next half marathon in less than 2 h.

  • Rudy R.
  • Carol K.

    Carol K.

    Boca Raton, FL, My goal is to inspire and run with others. I love to motivate and help others reach their goals while at the same time maintaining my own....

  • Kris K.

    Kris K.

    New York, NY, Tussey Mountainback 50 Mile Ultramarathon

  • Zeus P.

    Zeus P.

    Gaithersburg, MD, Run a 7 minute/mile pace in a marathon!!! Marine Corps Marathon on October 2012

  • Mike L.

    Mike L.

    Huntington Beach, CA, Vegas Rock n Roll Half, Dec '12; Break 1:27 @ Surf City Half, Feb '13; Port Everglades 5K, Apr '13; Break 1:26 @ San Diego Rock n Roll Half, Jun '13

  • Bianca V.

    Bianca V.

    New York, NY, 2012 NYC Marathon

  • Joe C.

    Joe C.

    Ocala, FL, To develop fast runners.

  • Jenny H.

    Jenny H.

    Marietta, GA, I would like to run another full marathon.

  • Elizabeth M.
  • Graciela S.

    Graciela S.

    Miramar, FL, Second Marathon (it may happen after last Dr.'s visit) Half Marathon under 2 hrs. 10K under 50 mins. 5K sub 27 mins.

  • Ray


    Brooklyn, NY, 2011: New Jersey Marathon(5/1/11), Lake Placid Marathon(6/12/11), Wineglass Marathon(10/2/11), NYCM(11/6/11)

  • Mike


    Memphis, TN, Just to stay in shape.