Friends (32)

  • Robert R.

    Robert R.

    Palm Harbor, FL, 8,000 miles

  • Michael D.

    Michael D.

    Denver, CO, Get on the cover of Tiger Beat magazine.

  • Kristy


    Hastings Mi, Start running again.

  • Hollywood


    Brownsburg, IN,

  • Jody R.

    Jody R.

    Studio city ,

  • Maya L.

    Maya L.

    Oakland, CA, Get fit and find my inspiration; time is just a number. Still... someday: 13.1 < 2 hrs. 26.2 < 4.5 hrs. Always, laugh the whole way along :)

  • Allen G.

    Allen G.

    Mt Pleasant, SC, Couch to 5K, started running June 11, 2011. PR 5K (22:07), 10K (48:33), Half Marathon (1:50), Marathon (4:53).

  • Katherine T.

    Katherine T.

    Brampton, ON, Half Marathon in October!

  • Lucy M.

    Lucy M.

    Peachtree City, GA, Finish at least 4 more half marathon and run my first full marathon in 2012.

  • Stephanie W.

    Stephanie W.

    Fairport, NY, 2014 Goals: Get back into running consistently throughout the entire year! At least 2-3 half marathons on the book and I applied for the NYC marathon lottery!

  • Jeanette H.

    Jeanette H.

    Austin, TX, Next goal: Improve pace 11-12 min/mile LONG TERM: FULL MARATHON 5x Half Marathoner

  • Kristi O.

    Kristi O.

    Andover, MN, 2014 Goals - Track activity, aim for 5 days a week, decrease 5K pace to sub 30m and half marathon pace to sub 2.5

  • Karen H.

    Karen H.

    Chardon, OH, to run a sub 30 min. 5K, and eventually, a 2 hr 30 min half.

  • Melissa


    St Louis, MO,

  • Chris P.

    Chris P.

    Indianapolis, IN, A growing family requires sacrifices, but my sights are firmly set on a BQ durin a fall Marathon in late Sept or Oct. (Mill Race in Columbus, IN)

  • Jennifer


    NJ, 2013 Dopey Challenge in Disney World (42.4 miles in 3 days...5k, Half Marathon, Full Marathon) & just starting out in the CrossFit world!

  • Nanette V.

    Nanette V.

    Bradenton, FL,

  • Corey F.

    Corey F.

    Chandler, AZ, Graduate from beginner (novice) - to serious enjoyment, Running friends, Overall fitness, Happiness & Fun :)

  • Ronda


    OR, A new half marathon PR

  • Paul M.

    Paul M.

    Traverse City, MI, Figure out how the quit getting sick and having my training fall apart.

  • Donavan


    Bloomington, IN,

  • Leanne V.

    Leanne V.

    Sarnia, ON, To be healthy right now... 10K straight by Christmas!

  • Dave E.

    Dave E.

    Broken Arrow, OK, 2012....sub 1:45 Half-Marathon, sub 4:15 Marathon, sub 23 5k, & sub 12% body fat ;-)

  • Viju V.

    Viju V.

    Gurgaon, IN,

  • Kate B.

    Kate B.

    Lakewood, CO, Run more 5K/10Ks (maybe a half marathon!?!?) and finish another triathlon. Get healthy and lose weight.