Wall of Motivation (77)

  1. Mike D.
      Post a workout!

    are you feeling any better?

  2.   Great Performance

    Nice! Congrats on PRing the course! on a workout

  3. Hugh B.
      Great Performance

    Yay! Great work out there. AV did set a new course record if my ears told me ... read more

  4. Hugh B.

    Grats on two PRs! on a workout

  5.   Great Performance

    Damn Dan... you still did pretty awesome even though you feel like you're tra... read more

  6.   Great Performance

    You kicked some serious butt out there. I'd be surprised if you didn't make t... read more

  7. Hugh B.
      Great Performance

    Stellar performance! No blood. A double win. on a workout

  8. Hugh B.

    And about 30 seconds slower after you pull this circuit: http://running.compe... read more

  9. Hugh B.
      You're Badass

    You rocked it! Epic intersection move and great performances from start to f... read more

  10. Paul S.
      Nice Job

    51 miles! I'd say so. I'd kill to get to that... on a workout

  11. Arnel C.
      You're Funny

    Hahaha! Just did the same! on a workout

  12. Hugh B.

    Solid given you did B2B speed workouts this week. Forgot to ask, how did you ... read more

  13. Todd N.
      Great Performance

    Nice work, Dan! You crushed that 3:30 goal! on a workout

  14.   Great Performance

    Dayum dude!!! I knew you had it in you, but that's totally awesome!!! Huge co... read more

  15. Paul S.
      Nice Job

    Dude! 3:23! No small feat! on a workout

  16. Hugh B.
      Great Performance

    Phat congrats on your first Mary. Smart race and a huge leap in distance from... read more

  17.   Great Performance

    Dude! Those long runs and interval sessions have seriously helped out! That's... read more

  18. Arnel C.
      Great Performance

    YES! on a workout

  19. Kathy J.
      Great Performance

    I'm jealous. I could barely hang on to your pace and you had already gone mu... read more

  20. Todd N.
      Great Performance

    Great work, Dan! Like seeing those 1st in age group finishes! on a workout

  21. Hugh B.

    Well hot dang Tex. Smokin' time for that much gain and the conditions. This i... read more

  22. Arnel C.
      Nice Job

    Strong workout Dan! on a workout

  23. Hugh B.
      Great Performance

    Track worky outies paying off. Splendid work out there. on a workout

  24. Hugh B.

    Oh that was a good one. on a workout

  25.   Great Performance

    Hahahaha :) Such a trash talker. Seriously, wait till next year! ;-) Awesome ... read more

  26. Bem J.
      Nice Job

    You beat me, too, and I had a great race. ;-) It was great to see you as well! on a workout

  27. Hugh B.
      Great Performance

    You were only 2 minutes off your goal + this is their toughest race + you're ... read more

  28. Hugh B.
      You're Badass

    Nice job out there tonight and grats on a continual running distance PR. Extr... read more

  29. Paul S.
      Nice Job

    Never fail to impress... on a workout

  30.   Great Performance

    That really sucks about the wrong turn. Like I said when I saw you, not the p... read more

  31. Hugh B.
      Great Performance

    Bitchin' pace then! on a workout

  32. Paul S.
      Nice Job

    Ninja. on a workout

  33. Bem J.

    You are a fast, fast man! :-) on a workout

  34.   Great Performance

    Damn, awesome job! Congrats! Sorry we missed each other. Next race :) on a workout

  35. Hugh B.

    You're in better shape than you thought or else yesterday primed the jets. Zi... read more

  36.   Nice Job

    Who do they think they are?!?!?! Stupid track team... on a workout

  37.   Great Performance

    Not at your strongest? on a workout

  38.   You're Badass

    Dude! Seriously epic run! on a workout

  39. Todd N.
      Get Better

    Whoa. Nicely done! on a workout

  40. Mary Kaine H.
      Great Performance

    Congrats Dan! on a workout

  41. Paul S.
      Nice Job

    Nicely done! on a workout

  42. Hugh B.
      Great Performance

    I knew you would rock this but day-yam Tex! on a workout

  43.   Great Performance

    Perfect strategy. Congrats! on a workout

  44. Hugh B.
      You Rock

    Memories of looking for a hand hold on the last 100' of the summit face and t... read more

  45. Hugh B.
      Great Performance

    Had to double take your pace. #800sftw on a workout

  46. Paul S.
      Nice Job

    You've got wings. on a workout

  47. Mary Kaine H.
      Great Performance

    For a tough race like that, 13th is awesome... Nicely done Dan! on a workout

  48. Hugh B.
      Great Performance

    13th overall rox! Once you get a few 30ks under your belt you're gonna be own... read more

  49. Paul S.

    No small feat to beat that hill...well done!

  50. Bem J.
      Great Performance

    It was great to meet you! You definitely did well today! on a workout