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  1. RUN
    injured Nisky/Colonie Bikepath 20.01 mi 02:55 08:44 pace

    Ran with Connie and Regina. Legs are fatigued and hamstring is a little off but I got it done. High mileage (most in a month ever with 206 so far) with speed workouts is getting tougher to recove... read more

    • Jonathan G.
      Jonathan G.

      Great job!! Wow ...206 for the month and still a two days left!

      3 days ago Like

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    • Dallas

      Joan, Colonie Town park path is a shit show. From Lyons Park you can get around 12 miles by going to Lock 7 and adding on the road up that goes up to the busy road then going the other toward Colonie you can get to the intersection that has that row of houses on the left of the path and add the street there as well. If we ever get some 50 degree weather I think the rest will clear up quick. Also going to the new park thats half mile closer to Colonie can add some distance to your run.

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    • Joan C.
      Joan C.

      Thanks, Dallas. I know the path- just trying to visualize all the 'roads' you were talking about!

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  2. RUN
    Cohoes/Colonie 8.04 mi 01:12 08:58 pace

    I'll take the Thursday rain over this nonsense. Met Andy at Colonie bike path and the roads and path were pretty bad for running. Slipping and sliding despite trail shoes. Got it done I gue... read more

    • Joan C.
      Joan C.

      Will this winter ever end?! Hope the hamstring feels better soon.

      4 days ago Like

  3. RUN
    good TU: Delmar Dash Course - 20x1... 10.01 mi 01:22 08:10 pace

    Very wet/cold night. Five of us toughed it out. Tried to stay at 5k pace and ended with 6:15 average for intervals which is close enough (~6:20?).

    Warmup: 1.61@9:20
    0.16@6:15 - 0.11@9:06
    0.1... read more

  4. RUN
    Basement Dreadmill 4 mi

    Most miles in a month (168) since 2010 with 6 days left.

    • Joan C.
      Joan C.

      Nice, Dallas! You going to do any Cohizzle runs by the end of the month? (I love that name!)

      7 days ago Like

    • Dallas

      Haha, I'm sure at least one or two.

      7 days ago Like

  5. RUN
    TU: Delmar Dash Course - 2x10... 8.51 mi 01:12 08:29 pace

    Nice large turnout for the workout tonight and decent weather!

    Warmup: 1.68@9:16
    1.52@6:34 - 0.51@9:46
    1.52@6:34 - 0.47@10:42
    Cooldown: 2.80@9:33 read more

  6. RUN
    great SUNY Loop - Barn Loop - SUNY ... 23.01 mi 03:18 08:37 pace

    Longest run in 4.5 years. Most weekly miles ever! Finished strong with a 7:38, 7:14, 7:09. Low 20's with a brutal wind. Had a nice group to keep me company for different parts of the dista... read more

    • Joan C.
      Joan C.

      Fantastic mileage, Dallas!

      10 days ago Like1 person

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    • Bowden W.
      Bowden W.

      I still don't know what the Barn Loop is ... i need to try that

      9 days ago Like

    • Dallas

      Bowden, check out the links to my map. You pass a bunch of barns :) The normal loop is 12 miles, we sometimes extend it. There are two really big hills, scenery is nice and traffic is light except the small section on western ave.

      9 days ago Like

  7. RUN
    Cohizzle 3.5 mi 00:32 09:14 pace

    Second run of the day but outside this time in VFF's. If I get my prescribed 23 in tomorrow it will be my most weekly miles ever.

  8. RUN
    VENT Dreadmill 3 mi

    3 easy miles after lifting in the VFFs. Felt nice to run in them again.

  9. RUN
    Basement Dreadmill 5.5 mi

    Really easy run to get in some miles.

  10. RUN
    Corning Preserve 9.01 mi 01:11 07:55 pace

    So sick of the damn cold. Havent run over 40 degrees in Albany in 3-4 months, its ridiculous.
    Legs a little fatigued from yesterdays workout but pushed a few of the miles.

    Splits: 8:35, 8:17, ... read more

  11. RUN
    TU: Delmar Dash Course - 20@HM 9.51 mi 01:22 08:35 pace

    One of the worse runs of the year for me weatherwise. The wind was just totally brutally cold despite being 31-35. I guess I was just underdressed. Workout itself went well. It was just 20min @... read more

    • Joan C.
      Joan C.

      Yeah, it was windy in Schenectady too, Dallas. Not horrible though. We went out earlier- a little after 4- so, sun still out.

      15 days ago Like

  12. RUN
    Basement Dreadmill 1.5 mi

    Had to get my fitbit steps for the day :) Little shake out run after 20 yesterday. Legs feel better than the day after previous 20+ milers. Delmar tomorrow.

    • Joan C.
      Joan C.

      Do you strive to do a certain number of steps per day, Dallas?

      15 days ago Like

    • Dallas

      Yeah I try to make sure I get 10,000 steps even on the days I'm not running which is usually about 30-40 min of walking on the treadmill on work days.

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  13. RUN
    SUNY Loop + Barn Loop 20.16 mi 03:06 09:13 pace

    Tough and slower but went pretty well considering I raced yesterday. Good contingent joined today to make it more bearable! Bill D, Andy S, Regina, Connie, Paul B, Jenn K, Penny, Dana, Nancy T, Br... read more

  14. RUN
    Runnin' of the Green 4.04 mi 00:26 06:30 pace

    I hate short races. That being said, fastest pace race since 2010. Slowly getting faster. 20 miles tomorrow.

    Splits: 6:31, 6:26, 6:41, 6:31, 5:19 (0.05) read more

    • Joan C.
      Joan C.

      Great job, Dallas!

      18 days ago Like1 person

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    • Dan B.
      Dan B.

      Great job Dallas! I know how you feel with those short races! The course seemed a bit long did you two notice that?

      17 days ago Like

    • Dallas

      Thanks Dan! Brian said the course measured 4.01 so 1/100th of extra each mile seems pretty on par with most races that have a bunch turns when you dont cut those tangents perfectly. Thats another reason the local marathon is good, so few turns, adds on less cause who needs more when doing 26.2?

      17 days ago Like

  15. RUN
    VENT Dreadmill 5x5@5k - 3 10.32 mi 01:23 07:59 pace

    2 mile warm up, five intervals were 0.75@~6:40 pace then ran easy for the rest.

  16. RUN
    Mountain West Ruby 5k (Trail) 3.1 mi 00:22 07:03 pace

    Snagged first place for the first time. One person finished in front of me but wasn't running the course (cheater!). The elevation change really kicks my ass running each year as evidenced b... read more

  17. RUN
    Salt Lake City 7.05 mi 01:08 09:40 pace

    I just ran in 57 degrees, boy is that a change. Tough run with the Sister-in-law. Running at 5000 ft elevation with little sleep after skiing for 5 hours on a course that is always going up or do... read more

  18. RUN
    Neighborhood 4.25 mi 00:38 08:59 pace

    Ran a lot harder than I thought yesterday. Legs were complete toast.

  19. RUN
    Cohoes/Waterford/Peebles Island 13.13 mi 01:48 08:12 pace

    Big 11 mile loop then some add on to get to half marathon distance. Can't wait for sidewalks/bikepath to be clear hard to run long local with traffic without clear sidewalks.

    ht... read more