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Long Course Triathlon World's 2016.

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  • Leslie M.

    Leslie M.

    Scranton, PA, Finish a marathon in 3:15. Finish a half in 1:32 Stay healthy & strong!!!

  • Olgierd J.

    Olgierd J.

    Kamionka, PL,

  • Chelle



  • Cordairo H.

    Cordairo H.

    Lawrence, KS, Qualify for Boston, sub 18 5k!

  • Sarah F.

    Sarah F.

    Wichita, KS, Boston --> Someday!! I am really enjoying the gravel biking right now :). Hoping for a DK finish

  • Pop C.

    Pop C.

    Lancaster, PA, 2016 Goals: Get Leaner - cut body fat to 9%; Get Stronger - increase max bench press by 10%; Get Faster -1mile below 6:15; & Go Longer - complete a 100-miler.

  • Karla G.

    Karla G.

    Wichita, KS, 2016 Ironman Arizona- Kona slot, Pikes Peak Ascent-sub 3:21 (KS women's record), Help big sis do 13.1, USAT Long Course Worlds, AG Podium finish at Lincoln mary

  • Conner D.

    Conner D.

    Winfield, KS,

  • Maddy


    Newburyport, MA, HAT 50K - Thomas owes me an Octopus painting Others to be determined :)

  • Cassie D.

    Cassie D.

    Douglass, KS, Break 2:15 in the 800 and 5:05 in the mile.

  • Steve S.

    Steve S.

    San Diego, CA, 2016. Strong race at IM California Oceanside 70.3. Then a big PR at IMAZ in November.

  • Steve S.

    Steve S.

    Wichita, KS,

  • Steve C.

    Steve C.

    Wichita, KS, to run more miles

  • Matt B.

    Matt B.

    Valley Center, KS, Get motivated and back into race shape for a spring marathon, 50k, or 50Mi .... TBD

  • Bryan J.

    Bryan J.

    Olathe, KS, Goal for 2014 Much of the same as 2013 To qualify for Boston Stay Healthy

  • Shane


    Wichita, KS, Don't Limit My capabilities

  • Caolan M.

    Caolan M.

    Boulder, CO, 2016: Phoenix, Monument Valley, Boston, Collegiate Peaks, Colfax, Kettle Moraine 100mi, Leadville 100, Des Plaines (IL) 50mi (for another time goal?), NYCM

  • Chuck A.

    Chuck A.

    Wichita, KS, I have not given up hope yet in completing another Pikes Peak Ascent for 2016! I may not be able to run any of it, but maybe I can just quickly climb it!

  • Linda


    Wichita, KS, Survive PPA with myself and Achilles intact. Attempt some 1/2 marathons near past PR times.

  • Candice U.

    Candice U.

    Wichita, KS, Post a 1:45 half marathon!

  • Betsey G.

    Betsey G.

    Wichita, KS,

  • Travis W.

    Travis W.

    Wichita, KS,

  • Flat Lori

    Flat Lori

    , shenanigans... lots of shenanigans

  • Scott K.

    Scott K.

    Wichita, KS, The year of the HALF. Half IM TRI in June. Pikes Peak (half) Ascent in Aug. PF Half Mary in Oct.

  • J M.

    J M.

    Wichita, KS, With a somewhat injury free 2015, I want to use my last full year of being in my 50's (2016) to get ready to hit my 60's in the best shape possible.