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  • 17 miles
  • 0:00 time
  • 900 calories
  • 4 workouts
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  2. VELO
    Commute 2.7 mi

    21f still having the issue with the chain so an elongated ride this morning isn't worth it.

  3. #dailymission What are your fitness plans for 2015 ? Signed up for races already? Want to commit to a run streak? Buy a hoverboard and cheer that the Cubs won the World Series (I am a Red's fa... read more

  4. VELO
    Commute 9 mi

    16f went pretty good til I got to pioneer park hill. My chain started popping but all in all went well

  5. VELO
    Commute 2.6 mi


  6. #dailymission Workout or relax and rest on vacation? Depends on how things shake out. I can always find time for push ups or sit ups.

  7. #dailymission What is the missing ingredient you need to become a world-class athlete?Age, desire, and cake.

  8. VELO
    Commute 2.7 mi

    27f freezing rain and slick pavement. My Krav Maga saved my bacon by properly executing a side breakfall. Part of the reason I ride a Mtn bike is it gives me the ability to ride year round. Would... read more

  9. #dailymission What do you drink before, during and after a workout? water, water/coffee, and coffee.

  10. #dailymission Share your tips for staying on the top of the leaderboard. Lie. Duh

  11. VELO
    Coffee 11.5 mi


  12. #dailymission
    What or who first got you into running? Why would I run? I carry a .45

  13. VELO
    Biathlon 14.7 mi

    43f gorgeous ride

  14. VELO
    Commute 10 mi


  15. #dailymission Explain your current profile picture. When was it taken? This fall. I wasn't in the mood to scrape windows to commute to work.

    • Su M.

      wow, usually when I don't want to scrape windows I just sit in the car until it warms up enough to melt. Now I feel lazy. =)

      10 days ago Like1 person

    • Scott L.
      Scott L.

      I'm with Su M... my pic was taken on sight and is conveniently dated on the sign!

      9 days ago Like1 person

    • Brenda H.
      Brenda H.

      On my once in a life time Hart Mountain Antelope hunt Sept 2012. Need to update

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  16. VELO
    Commute 3.3 mi


  17. #dailymission Why do YOU run or ride or swim or climb or whatever it is you do? I ride because it keeps me moving and gets me where I'm going. Helps that I don't fit the mold. I'm ... read more

  18. #dailymission Running is my ____________. Last resort.

  19. #dailymission Paleo diet (eating meat/produce and nixing grains/dairy). Thumb's up or down? I seem to be healthier when I stick to protein. Dairy does slide in occasionally

    • Leah

      I have tried it but then I always crave the grains and dairy ......

      13 days ago Like1 person

    • Craig O.
      Craig O.

      I'm not super strict on my diets but I'm also not an elite athlete so

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  20. #dailymission Quick check! List all of the workout gear you have in your car right now.Why would I need to keep anything in my pickup?

    • Holly T.
      Holly T.

      because you may need something fast...but I guess your bike is your transport! My car is full of emergency outfits, shoes, etc, swim suits. towels. Some of it is really just because I was too lazy to remove.

      16 days ago Like3 people

    • Craig O.
      Craig O.

      I keep a pair of shoes in my bike pack. And really my Krav stuff is in a pack and and duffle so not necessary

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    • Brenda H.
      Brenda H.

      Tights, rain coat, towel, shoes, socks, gloves, headband, stocking cap, another lighter coat, short sleeved shirt, long shirts, thicker long shirt, lighter tights, shorts, spare socks, blinky lights, head lamp, KT tape, Garmin, head phones, IPOD, spare headphones, light gloves, water proof hat, light hat...cuz ya never know in Oregon what the weather will be when you get off

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    • Pj M.
      Pj M.

      Fins, pull buoy, goggles, swim cap. I'm boring.. Lol

      15 days ago Like1 person