Wall of Motivation (107)

  1. Chika

    What a nice long run... Great pace.. Wow I'm impressed on a workout

  2. Marie-Eve
      Nice Job

    OUCH!... nice job though :) on a workout

  3. Stephane B.
      Great Performance

    You're lucky to run in beautiful place like that. on a workout

  4. Stephane B.
      You're an Inspiration

    Great long run. on a workout

  5. Stephane B.

    Quick pace for 12k. on a workout

  6. Chika
      Nice Job

    Good run!!! And fast My God!!! you guys are driving my loco.. for the accelar... read more

  7. Stephane B.

    Great job! You did awesome. I must try hills workout. I need to find a hill n... read more