Friends (35)

  • Ted


    San Diego, CA,

  • Andrew W.

    Andrew W.

    Mason, OH, Run more and complete my first 100 mile race

  • George R.

    George R.

    The Woodlands, TX, To cycle a minimum of 10 miles daily!

  • Michael G.

    Michael G.

    North Plainfield, NJ, Continue to run for charity!

  • Seth W.

    Seth W.

    New York, NY, Goals: Sub 3:45 Marathon. PRs: 400- 51.1 800- 2:06 1600 - 5:18 5k - 18:36

  • Christopher S.

    Christopher S.

    St Louis, MO,

  • Julie


    West Linn, OR, McDonald Forest 50K 5/9/15, Foot Traffic Flat Marathon 7/14/15, Wallowa Mt Backpacking Trip- 8/15

  • Peter G.

    Peter G.

    Hamburg, DE, Short term: Running a decent spring marathon in Hamburg

  • Alfred H.

    Alfred H.

    Danbury, CT, sub 1:35 half (1:37:10 PR) sub 19:30 5k(19:41 PR), sub 42 10k(42:18 PR) sub 3:20 Marathon(3:43:36 PR) Long Term: see my Cubs win a World Series

  • Chris


    Amsterdam, NL, Swim, Cycle, Run, Row, Talk. Schoorl HM (1.41.41), Zandvoort 12km (30/3), Rotterdam M (13/4). Perhaps Amsterdam....

  • Adam S.

    Adam S.

    Puyallup, WA, Lose weight and body fat, and have a healthier lifestyle

  • Bill R.

    Bill R.

    St Paul, MN,

  • Bill C.

    Bill C.

    Niles, OH, 500 miles walking/running in 2014. 1500 miles biking in 2014.

  • Nathan P.

    Nathan P.

    York Springs, PA, Sub 18 minute 5k 4:30 mile 1:28 HM

  • Jack N.

    Jack N.

    Hertfordshire, UK, To run regularly and get a decent weekly mileage.

  • Paul B.

    Paul B.

    Australia, AU, Run a marathon in 2014

  • Sylvio L.

    Sylvio L.

    , I'm starting off by trying to run regular 5K's and then we'll see how the foot hold's up.

  • Janice B.

    Janice B.

    Monroe, NY, To run forever ...

  • Reed L.

    Reed L.

    Madison, WI, Try to beat or at least match closely my half time from early last year. I've got 3 months till Nov 2nd....Get me in shape, Hal!!

  • Greg N.

    Greg N.

    Woodstock, GA, Find the former runner that used to live in my body...

  • John Leopoldo S.

    John Leopoldo S.

    Dubai, AE, Out of shape runner with the goal of running a 4 minute mile again & full marathon for the first time this summer in order to be a fitter/better Husband & Dad

  • Carly T.

    Carly T.

    Hoboken, NJ,

  • Uphillrunning


    Seattle, WA,

  • Lica


    Oxford, GB, Finish a half-marathon in under 1:40:00 Finish a marathon in under 3:30 Finish a 10k in under 45 min Stay fit and healthy

  • Eric H.

    Eric H.

    Stockbridge, MA, Try to get healthy and stay healthy