299 total / 0 in 2018

I want to run enough to relieve my stress. If I can run a half marathon by Spring 2012, then would running with the deer that live in my town :D.

Wall of Motivation (8)

  1. Mike S.

    Hey, Courtney's back! Nice distance for having some time off. on a workout

  2. Clara L.

    I'm not are fast! on a workout

  3. Janet S.
      Great Performance

    Nice run and great pace! on a workout

  4. Clara L.
      Great Performance

    awesome miles and a speedy pace!! on a workout

  5. Clara L.
      Great Performance

    lol...I know that had to be scary, but that made me laugh. No shame, scream... read more

  6. Janet S.
      Nice Job

    Nice pace!! on a workout

  7. Clara L.
      Nice Job

    wow - great pace on those miles!! hope it keeps you energized on a workout

  8. Clara L.
      Nice Job

    fantastic pace on those miles,Courtney! #5 made me laugh - too funny! on a workout