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Post spinal fusion 11/2/10. Goals to consistently run, without giving up. Get healthy, drop pounds and feel good! Train this winter for longer runs.

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  • Jen L.

    Jen L.

    Kalamazoo, MI, Make it a season of new races.

  • Kathy


    Maryville, TN, Want to run a 5K under 30 and a 1/2 under 2:15, plus do over 1200 miles on my feet!

  • Tom H.

    Tom H.

    Newtown, PA,

  • Jeff R.

    Jeff R.


  • Tammy B.

    Tammy B.

    Rochester, IL, Goals: 1/2 marathon under 1:50 (1:44.27 on 4/6/14); 5K under 23:00 (22:04 on 6/14/14); 10K under 45 minutes; and a marathon under 4:00.

  • Brian H.

    Brian H.

    Thibodaux, LA, Be happy, healthy and at peace. And if I can lose a little weight too...all the better. :)

  • The Mama Runs

    The Mama Runs

    Calgary, AB, 5 Peaks trail races - be able to run each race, injury free.

  • Jill L.
  • Tara H.

    Tara H.

    Chatham, IL, I have a 4 yr-old and an 2 yr old; started running May 25, 2011, I've lost over 35 lbs from running and eating (fairly) healthy. Training for my 1st half!!

  • Kristy


    Champion, NY, Get strong, stay fit and have fun doing it. And run 1000 miles this year.

  • Marc M.

    Marc M.

    Cooper City, FL, Qualify for Boston before I turn 50. That gives me until Sept. 2019.

  • Jennifer M.

    Jennifer M.

    Winston Salem, NC, To get fit, lose weight, see how well I can do with this physical and mental challenge.

  • Thomas B.

    Thomas B.

    Springfield, IL, Getting in better shape

  • David F.

    David F.

    Milwaukee, WI, Running for the fun of it.

  • Connie Y.

    Connie Y.

    Auburn, NY, Run for Life & Adventure

  • Lazaro R.

    Lazaro R.

    New Bedford, MA, Get back the fitness I spent the last six months pissing away. Starting weight 192

  • Becky Amstutz C.

    Becky Amstutz C.

    Kalamazoo, MI, Space Coast 1/2 marathon in Florida Nov. 28, 2010

  • Brenda S.

    Brenda S.

    Holland, MI, I want to continue running injury free, continue to enjoy this new sport of running and begin cross training 2x a week.

  • Rich


    Cardiff, GB, PB 5 k (21:46) / (22:34 on the mill) 10 k (46:11) Half (1:43:54) Goals - sub 1:40 Half, sub 4hr marathon. 2000 mile of cycling. 1000 mile running in 2014

  • Christa S.

    Christa S.

    Grand Rapids, MI,

  • Meghan M.

    Meghan M.

    Chicago, IL,

  • Wendy G.

    Wendy G.

    White Bear Lake, MN,

  • Darin P.

    Darin P.

    Parker, CO, Get top 10 in my age group at a 5K this year.

  • Jacqueline K.

    Jacqueline K.

    Palos Hills, IL, Be awesome. Have fun. Eat candy.

  • Allen G.

    Allen G.

    Mt Pleasant, SC, Couch to 5K, started running June 11, 2011. PR 5K (22:07), 10K (48:33), Half Marathon (1:50), Marathon (4:53).